Mr. Cao Jingdong, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, was arrested on September 5. He went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. The Zhaoyuan County Police intended to transfer him to the Daqing Forced Labor Camp, but the camp refused to accept him due to his condition. A joint meeting was held to discuss the issue, attended by personnel from the Public Security Bureau, the 610 Office, the Bureau of Judicature, the Political and Legal Committee, and the Daqing Forced Labor Camp. During the meeting it was concluded that, "if he (practitioner Cao) dies as the result of the hunger strike, the camp won't be held responsible." The labor camp thus took him in. Mr. Cao was force fed with corn paste and his life is now in grave danger.

Exposing the Evil Deeds by the Anzhuang Company

Since July 1999, Anzhuang Company Security Chief Zhu Zunren and Deputy Chief Zhang Aihui have been cooperating with the evil to persecute their employees. On September 3, 2002, practitioner Mr. Cao Jingdong asked Security Chief Zhu Zunren for the money he was owed for when he was unlawfully detained several years ago. Zhu told him, "I'll give you the money next Monday." However, on the morning of September 5, when Mr. Cao Jingdong went to his office to be paid, he was not only denied the money, but arrested and detained at the police station.

In April 2002, Security Chief Zhu Zunren and Deputy Chief Zhang Aihui arrested practitioner Mr. Jiang Derong. In May, Mr. Jiang's mother gave Zhu Zunren 1000 yuan to help locate her son. Zhu put the cash in his drawer and told her, "I'll act as a go-between with the branch office and I guarantee that your daughter-in-law won't be arrested." Not only did Chief Zhu refuse to help Jiang's mother, but he arrested Jiang Derong's wife, Cao Junmei, and sent her to the Hongweixing Brainwashing Center in June 2003.

Mr. Zhang Weixin's salary was also withheld in 2001. When Mr. Zhang went to Security Chief Zhu Zunren for the money, Zhu refused to repay him. When Mr. Zhang went to appeal, he was arrested. Mr. Zhang Weixin was tortured to death on the return train trip.

Earlier in 2000, Mr. Cao Jingdong was also detained for 15 days and released, but later Security Chief Zhu Zunren arrested and sentenced him to two years at a forced labor camp.

Relevant telephone numbers:

Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau, Anzhuang Company Security Section
Zhu Zunren, Section Chief: 86-459-5994114 (Office); 86-459-5765036 (Home)
Zhang Aihui, Deputy Section Chief: 86-459-5994114 (Office); 86-459-5713352 (Home)
Daqing City Zhaoyuan County Government:
86-459-8222699, 86-459-8222134, 86-459-8222923, 86-459-8222325, 86-459-8222938,
86-459-8229607, 86-459-8222648, 86-459-8233222, 86-459-8222849, 86-459-8222514
Daqing City Zhaoyuan County Public Security Bureau:
86-459-8242363, 86-459-8222541, 86-459-8222915, 86-459-8222721,
86-459-8222625, 86-459-8222813, 86-459-8222243, 86-459-8222205
Lu Gang, Public Security Bureau chief
Ding Jingguo, Deputy Chief
Han Fengxiang, Security Brigade Captain: 86-459-8222109, ext. 8022
Daqing City Zhaoyuan County Political and Legal Committee:
86-459-8227496, 86-459-8223002, 86-459-8236440
Daqing City Zhaoyuan County 610 Office: 86-459-8234052
Liu Hui, Daqing City Zhaoyuan County Detention Center Head: 86-459-8222651.