(Clearwisdom.net) The Analects by Confucius says: "A gentleman helps others to accomplish good. He does not help others to accomplish vice." People often say, "God's eyes are like electricity" or "there's a clear distinction of right and wrong." You should know that even if you were a bystander who did not personally take part in a heinous crime, if you somehow facilitated it, then you cannot escape responsibility for it, and you too, have to accept the consequences.

In ancient times there was a man named Yang Xun. He was a wily and slick individual who was good at figuring out what was on other people's minds. Once he sensed what someone was thinking about, he would coerce the person and thereby find a way to please that person.

The Magistrate of Danyang County, Yang Kai, was a ferocious man with a violent disposition. He ruled his cases with subjectivity, daring, and determination. He and Yang Xun had a deep friendship and he discussed everything with Yang Xun. Sometimes Yang Xun was completely aware that Yang Kai's actions were wrong. Nevertheless, for fear of defying him, Yang Xun didn't have the courage to be frank with him. He praised and agreed with everything Yang Kai did.

On one very hot day Yang Kai imposed corporal punishment using a cane on county officials and over forty inmates. Two people were beaten to death on the spot. Yang Xun, however, praised Yang Kai for exercising proper and quick punishment.

Afterwards, Yang Xun dreamed that he went to a place where a judge in the netherworld reprimanded him, "It was you who facilitated Yang Kai's wicked actions. He should implicate you in his crimes." Several days later, Yang Xun indeed died from a severe illness.