(Clearwisdom.net) In the Sichuan Provincial Nanmusi Forced Labor Camp, the authorities use all forms of torture and evil means to force the illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners into renouncing their beliefs.

In the beginning, Falun Gong practitioners are forced to read materials that slander Dafa. Disobeying this order will result in brutal beatings where practitioners have their heads knocked against walls, their hair torn out, their chests beaten, and their private parts assaulted with leather shoes. Thus their faces turn black and blue and become extremely swollen.

To prevent their evil deeds from being exposed, policemen and criminals normally beat Falun Gong practitioners in rest rooms and stuff their mouths with underwear or socks, so that no one can hear their painful screams..

They are locked up in small cells, surrounded by criminal inmates, forced to sit in the lotus position for long periods of time, and stand or sit in a drill posture for weeks on end, even up to two months duration. Books that slander Dafa are placed on top of their heads and if they fall down, all the practitioners will be punished. Female practitioners are stripped of their clothes, and are forced to raise their hands above their heads and face the wall, while the evil criminals take turns beating their backs.

Some practitioners are beaten so badly that they fall to the ground and go into a coma, but still the criminals and policemen continue to beat them. After one or two hours of beating, they spray cold water on them to bring them back to awareness, and then continue the torture. Some Falun Gong practitioners are hung up in trees, and their abdomens are beaten with sticks until bleeding. Some practitioners are beaten with steel hangers on their backs and waist, until they can no longer stand or sit steadily, and fall to the ground. Some inmates beat the practitioners' feet using shoe heels until their feet are so swollen that they have difficulty walking.

What is worse, Falun Gong practitioners are not allowed to have bowel movements or to urinate. Some practitioners are even forced to drink their own urine. Other practitioners are forced to do 500 continuous squats down and up, or run around the playground ten times, which tortures the older practitioner to the verge of the death.

In the eighth team, there are several evil persons, including a person whose surname is Li, Chen Qi, Zhang Yuqin and Song Li. Criminal Song Li usually beats practitioner in the restroom. Under his torture, three practitioners were forced to recant Dafa after twenty days of torture.

To deceive the outside and ingratiate their supervisors, the evil criminal inmates and those people who have been "transformed" force Dafa practitioners to give their fingerprints on prepared "transformation" letters or denouncement letters. Several evil persons take care of one practitioner, so they can announce, and take credit for, the certain practitioner that has been "transformed."

September 25, 2005