(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Xiao Hongxiu was 65 years old and lived in the Shuizhu Group, Qiqiao Town, Pingjin District, Liangping County, Chongqing City. She firmly cultivated Falun Dafa, and it benefited her whole family. In order for more people to know the truth, she often went out to distribute truth clarifying materials, and hang Falun Dafa banners. On July 13, 2002, Ms. Xiao was arrested by police from the Qiqiao Station and the Liangping County Department in the middle of the night. She was detained in the Liangping County Detention Center.

On April 8, 2003, Ms. Xiao was secretly sentenced to six years in prison and confined in Yongchuan Women's Prison, where she was mentally and physically tortured. In May 2004, her family visited her, and she was not severely sick. Only one month later, the prison told her family to come and pick up her ashes. Ms. Xiao died from torture but the details are yet to be investigated.

We have learned that Ms. Xiao was mistreated for an extended period of time, including being forced to take unknown drugs, not being allowed to talk, and being forced to do heavy labor. Even when she was very weak due to mistreatment, the prison guards still did not allow her to rest. They said she had to go to the labor site and just stand there if she was too weak to work. Ms. Xiao passed out many times at the prison's work site. She died in the Yongchuan Women's Prison in Chongqing on July 25, 2004.

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