(Clearwisdom.net) It has been 11 years since the day I obtained the Fa, August 20th, 1994. However, as I recall the time when I personally learned Dafa from Master at the lecture series in Yanji, Master's every single action and word and his tender care for his disciples have left me a never forgotten memory. It is as though Master is right in front of me. Tears that cherish the memory of Master rush out of my eyes. I really miss Master!

While lecturing the Fa, Master always had disciples in his heart and often showed his understanding of the disciples' very rare feelings to Master. Before every lecture, Master asked if disciples could see and hear clearly and then would adjust the height of his and microphone until everybody could see and hear clearly. When Master finished the lecture and some practitioners started to teach the exercises, Master never took a break but walked around the field where we were learning the exercises. If he found that a practitioner's movement was not accurate, he would teach them himself.

Master taught the Fa for two hours every day and he never had lecture notes. After eight days, Master accomplished what he said. Every single true practitioner's body had been purified and did not have any disease. The majority of people could feel the rotation of the Falun that Master gave us. When Master talked about the celestial eye, many disciples could see different dimensions. Master said that his Fashen could protect disciples, and some people could see that.

On July 20th, 1999, propaganda on television lied that Zhuan Falun was not written by Master. Disciples that have personally participated in Master's lectures and have personally seen everything that Master had done for them would never believe those lies.

On the second day at Yanji, I got up at 6:00am. I walked for five hours and visited 10 hotels looking for Master's name at the registration office but could not find it anywhere. I felt great regret. I thought that if I could find the hotel where Master stayed then I would move to that hotel. But after the lectures finished, the day before we left Yanji, I told the other four people that came with me, "Today we'll take our camera and tour Yanji."

As we were walking down from the fourth floor of the Electric Power building where we stayed, my younger daughter yelled, "Master is coming!" At that moment, I thought that Master was in the car so I looked toward the road. My younger daughter yelled again, "Master is coming!" I looked in the direction that my daughter yelled and saw that Master was walking in front of us. We called Master, he smiled and shook hands with us. At that moment, I was thinking: "Master so understands the disciple's mind. I looked for you but could not find you, so today you personally come here to see us. So touching!" Master looked at our camera. With our suggestion and without hesitation, Master took a picture together with us.

Over these last couple of years, I have never doubted and never lessened my righteous belief in Master. I have cultivated forward along the way that Master arranged for me. Currently the Fa-rectification has reached the final stage, Master, please be at ease. I will firmly do well the three things that you told us, with righteous thoughts and righteous actions, to widely spread the Fa and rescue human beings with a god's righteous thoughts. I will firmly follow Master up to the end even if the sky should fall or the earth collapse and my life was in danger.