(Clearwisdom.net) The Gansu Province Women's Forced Labor Camp relentlessly and brutally persecutes practitioners. They force the practitioners who are illegally detained there to write a so-called "thought report" every week. The administration's department chief of the forced labor camp also uses extremely virulent language to ask questions and demands that the practitioners answer. If the practitioners refuse to cooperate, the political instructors, team leaders and police instigate drug addicts to brutally torture the practitioners.

Instances of this brutal persecution described below.

1. Ms. Li Yulian was locked in a small, dark and very cold room during the winter and was forced to stand for 24 hours every day. The police commanded all the drug addicts of the entire team to change shifts every hour to monitor Ms. Li. The weather was so cold that the drug addicts could not bear it even when they were wearing very thick cotton-padded jackets, but Ms. Li was forced to stand for 30 days in this extreme weather, even when she ate. She was also frequently beaten by criminal inmates. The drug addicts' brutal persecution of Ms. Li was all under the direction of team leader Zuo Yanling.

2. Ms. Zhang Yuxia has been illegally detained at the forced labor camp since October 2001. The criminals tied both her hands and hung her from a gate. Ms. Zhang was suspended like this for six or seven days. Another person directly responsible is Zuo Yanling.

3. A drug addict told the practitioners that a practitioner who was over 60 years old was tortured to death because the guards didn't allow her to sleep and finally she couldn't bear it anymore. She also told the practitioners that the forced labor camp only gave the practitioner's family 3,000 yuan for her death.

4. Ms. Zhang Youfu, Ms. Chai Mei, Ms. Zhao Yueqin and Ms. Yan Ping all suffered persecution to differing degrees. Ms. Yan Ping has not been allowed to sleep for several nights. The longest period of sleep deprivation was 23 days. She is also forced to do intensive labor in the daytime. Another practitioner's release was postponed for nine days.

Those still persecuting practitioners are listed below.

Police officers Liu Zizhong, Liu Sheng, Fan Xiaohong, and Jing Xuefen.
Administration Department Chief Nian Xuefeng.
Drug addicts Ma Qingli, Wang Li, Liu Fengling, and Zhou Lan.