(Clearwisdom.net) I found "Reflections on the Abduction of Over Ninety Practitioners" (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2005/10/7/65654.html)

to be a very good article, and I sincerely hope that every one of my fellow practitioners can read it. After I read the article, I deeply understood that being responsible for oneself is also being responsible for the Fa and forever regarding the Fa as Teacher.

The Chinese government began persecuting Falun Gong on July 20, 1999. Back then, the situation in China was extremely serious. However, under Teacher's strengthening and under domestic and overseas practitioners diligently clarifying the truth to people, the situation has already changed tremendously. The evil has been eliminated massively and more and more people have understood the facts. The Fa-rectification of the human world is just around the corner.

All of these achievements are able to occur because we have our great Teacher and the great Fa given by Teacher. Frankly, all the achievements are the Fa's achievements which are brought by Teacher's mercy and his bearing for us. If we practitioners are not in accordance with the Fa, or don't do things according to Teacher's requirements, we won't have any mighty virtue ourselves. When people are very weak, even a low level spirit can easily control them.

Regarding undermining the Fa, most serious case comes from our practitioners internally. Teacher said:

"In fact, most interference for Dafa comes internally, from practitioners themselves. External factors can only affect a few individuals and are unable to alter the Fa. Whether it be at present or in the future, those who can undermine our Fa are none other than our own disciples. Be careful! "

("Immutable" from Essentials for Further Advancement)

However, those practitioners who undermined the Fa most of the time didn't intend to do so. It was precisely because they didn't study the Fa solidly, had many human attachments and were not willing to let them go. They accidentally walked on the path that the old forces had arranged for them, and in the end, they were not only persecuted brutally themselves by the evil but also they seriously harmed Fa without being unable to make up for it.

At any time, regarding the Fa as Teacher is our fundamental task, to safeguard the Fa under any environment because the Fa is immutable and is unable to be shaken by any evil.

These thoughts I am sharing with you may not be mature. Actually I myself also had many insufficiencies during the course of cultivation practice. For instance, sometimes I was afraid that other practitioners would point out my attachment of fear. I didn't pay too much attention to my own security and was also afraid that other practitioners might say that my cultivation level was low, so I intentionally found something to do, which was precisely the manifestation of a human being's attachments. All those attachments can make you lose rationality and righteous judgment regarding aspects of the Fa, which can be extremely harmful. Meanwhile, these are also the problems that many fellow practitioners can't explicitly realize sometimes. Actually, being responsible for oneself is also the manifestation of being responsible for the Fa and its also being responsible for other practitioners.

Forever regard the Fa as Teacher and diligently do well in everything.

Please point out my mistakes with mercy.