Around September 20, 2005, leaders of the police departments and state security departments from across Heilongjiang Province gathered in Harbin to plan a campaign to arrest Falun Dafa practitioners across the province. Harbin, Daqing and some other cities were on the top of the list to target for the arrests. The provincial police department issued a list of practitioners to various regions, instructing them to arrest those on the list prior to the October 1 National Day. The entire police force in some areas was ordered to gather in the police dining halls. After eating, the officers were dispatched to work around the clock, mostly at night, to stake out the targeted practitioners and "arrest" them.

This act of terror has been resisted in some areas. Rank and file police in Harbin, Daqing and some other areas complained openly. One police chief said, "Aren't they running out of things to do? Why arrest those who practice Falun Gong?" One residential police officer condemned, "What's this arrest targeting Falun Gong about? What good does it serve?"

Provincial police leaders are worried about the sympathy for Falun Gong among their subordinates. They have ordered police departments to make no decisions on the fate of arrested practitioners. Every day, the local police departments have to file a report to the higher authorities detailing their daily progress in the persecution. No decisions are to be made by the local police.

We hope our fellow practitioners in various regions will keep up their rationality and wisdom, and not be moved by the atmosphere of evil. We walk the path of cultivation. If there is a problem, let's not treat it with human mindsets. We should keep up righteous thoughts, calm down to study the Fa and look inside ourselves unconditionally. Teacher has taught us time and time again that we should study the Fa, study the Fa, and study the Fa. We have to pay attention to studying the Fa, as we are the safest when we stay within the Fa.

September 28, 2005