(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Zhang Aiquan and Ms. Wang Mingyun were illegally arrested by the police from Huantai County, Zibo City, Shandong Province, nearly six months ago. They are now awaiting an illegal trial.

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A distant view of Mr. Zhang's house in the Binhai Police Department Compound
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A side view of Mr. Zhang's house
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The locked door of Mr. Zhang's House, carport is on the left

Mr. Zhang Aiquan originally worked in the Traffic Division of the Shengli Oil Field Binhai Public Security Bureau. In 1999, he was a Grade 3 Superintendent and his wife, Mrs. Wang Mingyun, worked at the Monitoring Division of the Dongxin Oil Extracting Factory at the Shengli Oil Field. After the couple learned Falun Gong they wanted to become better people by following the practice's principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." The positive changes in both of them won the couple high praise from their colleagues.

However, the Chinese Communist Party members, 610 Office personnel, policemen from the Binhai Public Security Bureau, and lawless officials randomly persecute good people such as these. In July 2000, Mr. Zhang Aiquan's house was ransacked by more than 40 police officers because Mr. Zhang handed out truth-clarification materials. He was placed in the Shengli Oil Field Detention Center and shackled for the entire day. At the same time, Mr. Zhang Aiquan's wife was arrested and taken to the Shihua Guest House of the Well Logging Company at Shengli Oil Field, where she was persecuted for more than a month.

In order to cover their crimes of persecuting Mr. Zhang Aiquan, officials from the Binhai Public Security Bureau transferred him to the Dongxin Oil Extracting Factory, where his wife worked, and then instructed the officials there to send Mr. Zhang Aiquan to forced labor for three years. Mr. Zhang had to leave behind a bedridden elderly parent and a daughter still in school.

In May 2005, when police officers from the Huantai County Police Department of Zibo City went to Shengli Oil Field to arrest Falun Gong practitioners, the Binhai Public Security Bureau actively cooperated by chasing down Mr. Zhang Aiquan and arresting him. The Binhai police also allowed the Huantai County Police to take Mr. Zhang Aiquan to the Huantai County Police Department for further persecution. The same night that they arrested Mr. Zhang Aiquan, the officials secretly arrested his wife, Mrs. Wang Mingyun, by climbing over the wall around their home. They also ransacked the house and confiscated a computer, a car and other articles.

After arresting Mr. Zhang and his wife, the police from Huantai Police Station also arrested an employee from the Goods and Materials Company of Shengli Oil Field, Mr. Yu Desheng. They grabbed the computer Mr. Yu's son used for school, cash saved for tuition, and Mr. Yu's car. Following Mr. Yu's arrest the police arrested senior computer engineers Zheng Ruihuan and Liu Yinglan from the Computer Center of Shengli Oil Field, and also ransacked their homes.

Mr. Zhang Aiquan, Mrs. Wang Mingyun, and Mr. Yu Desheng are all being detained at the Huantai County Detention Center, where they have been inhumanly tortured. Clothing secretly smuggled out by Mr. Zhang, was covered in bloodstains. The officials are attempting to illegally sentence Mr. Zhang Aiquan, Mrs. Wang Mingyun and Mr. Yu Desheng.

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