(Clearwisdom.net) As the Fa-rectification advances, Dafa disciples have gradually matured in the process of validating the Fa. Realizing the urgency of saving sentient beings, practitioners have come up with various ways to clarify the truth. As a result, many projects have been expanded. Practitioners have been utilizing their skills and displaying the wisdom bestowed upon them by Dafa.

However, some attachments have surfaced in this process, and below, I would like to discuss some issues with fellow practitioners.

On the surface, many projects that we are doing to validate Dafa and save sentient beings are similar in form to the projects of everyday people in society. Many projects have been moving forward quickly because of the changes in Fa-rectification and practitioners' joint efforts. Practitioners have more contact with everyday people and the impact of this has gradually manifested in society. Under such a situation, the attachment of "doing things" has become stronger among some practitioners. They are trapped in a "doing something magnificent" kind of mentality and cannot use a cultivator's righteous thoughts to look at issues. Moved by the ups-and-downs of things happening in everyday society, they have neglected the true purpose of why we are doing all the projects. They treat the Fa taught by Teacher more or less as instructions from a leader instead of Fa principles. They also judge things with their human attachments and notions. As a result, they are not able to do things according to Teacher's teaching in its entirety, nor will they assimilate to Dafa unconditionally.

Practitioners have been cultivating diligently to get rid of the attachments to fame, gain and emotion; however, these attachments have not been completely eliminated. When practitioners are doing many projects that involve things of different segments of society, these remaining attachments are thus being stirred up. Sometimes, the attachments have even grown larger under the excuse of "necessary for validating Dafa."

I have heard some practitioners say that since this is now the Fa-rectification cultivation period, personal cultivation is no longer so important. This kind of one-sided understanding has caused practitioners to ease up in their personal cultivation. As a result, things that previously were considered important are being neglected; for example, basic requirements such as cultivation of speech, looking inside when conflicts arise, not fighting back when hit. Some practitioners are not willing to improve, even when their attachments are noted.

As a matter of fact, the requirements of Fa-rectification cultivation are much higher than those of personal cultivation. We are living in the big dye vat of everyday society and we still have uncultivated human attachments. Only when we remember that we are cultivators at every moment, and strictly follow the Fa's standards, can we do well. The solid foundation that was laid during personal cultivation should allow us to be more clearheaded in Fa-rectification cultivation. When we realize our attachments and problems, we should try to get rid of them as soon as possible, or else they will become obstacles in our validation of the Fa.

In order to validate Dafa and save sentient beings, we can utilize any forms and methods in everyday society, as long as they are effective. However, we must be clear on what we are doing. During the special period of Fa-rectification, Master has given us many avenues to better validate Dafa and save sentient beings. We should never take these for granted and use them as an excuse to not follow the requirements of cultivators.

The above are just my personal understandings. Please point out anything inappropriate.