(Clearwisdom.net) At noon on May 11, 2002, I was taking a nap at home when suddenly, staff of the Tangyuan County 610 Office, Heilongjiang Province and police from Department of Public Security, Tangyuan County and from the Police Substation of Shengli Township, Tangyuan County burst into my house and forcefully took me away. They escorted me to the Department of Public Security, Tangyuan County and interrogated me in a room on the north side of the second floor. Two police beat me, and later four beat me in turn. I did not answer anything. They unlawfully detained me and imprisoned me in the Xigemu Labor Camp, Jiamusi on May 16 for a term of two years under the charge of "disturbing social order".

In the labor camp, I was forced to sit on a small stool, attend brainwashing classes, and listen to broadcasts or watch TV programs slandering Falun Dafa. On October 6, 2002, 6 of us practitioners talked about how to walk away from the labor camp, but were not successful when we tried. We received worse torture. Policeman Guo Gang dragged me to an office and slapped me in the face. Two of my front teeth were knocked out as a result. He put me in an extra small cell and handcuffed me to a ring on floor. Another policeman, Liu Zhongcai, from Division of Administration asked me the name of the person who put forward the proposal of running away. He slapped me in the face. I did not feel pain or hear any sound. Criminal prisoner Jiang Guilong pulled my ear.

Reenactment based on description of the practitioners who were tortured

After Liu was tired of beating me, he burned the back of my hand with a cigarette. He forced me to answer and beat my limbs with a small stool. I did not answer. He beat my trachea and chin with the small stool. Before he left, he said that I beat him. I said, "You handcuffed me here. How could I beat you?" He then lied, saying that I bit him. I said, "I don't have teeth. How could I bite you?" Later they brought me to the office, where a group of police were ready to torture me. They tied me to a chair and shocked me with an electric baton. My hair was over an inch long. The electric shock ignited my hair.