(Clearwisdom.net) The following are assorted stories told by young Dafa practitioners from Henan Province. The names of the young practitioners have all been changed for their protection.

1. Lian Hua

Lian Hua, who is ten years old this year, started practicing Dafa in 1998. She has many mystical stories. The following is her account.

One time, when I was sending forth righteous thoughts with my mother, I saw a protective membrane around us. An evil being with several demons attached came in. The evil being said to the demons, "Any of you who catches the two of them will be freed and I will also reward you with five hundred liang (one liang = 50 grams) of gold." When the demons touched the protective membrane, it appeared as if they were shocked by electricity. Their bodies were twitching. The evil said angrily, "I do not believe that I cannot find one person that is not a good practitioner."

On another occasion of sending forth righteous thoughts, I found myself drawing a picture showing a big red sun, a green field, red flowers and a house with a white roof, whitewashed walls and a green door. At the side of the house was a golden river. As I was drawing it, I saw little armored demons approaching in rows. As I recited the Fa-rectification formula, the heads of the demons suddenly fell off; as I continued reciting, the bodies of the demons began to disintegrate into pieces. When I finished sending forth righteous thoughts, I went into the house, which became more beautiful.

One time, I dreamed that I was flapping my arms and was flying towards heaven. Teacher was holding multi-colored lotus seeds in both hands and let me eat. I was very curious and wandered about in heaven. I saw forms of Buddha, birds, trees and houses made of gold that were exceptionally pretty. To return, I made the heshi sign and returned from heaven.

When I was not diligent in my exercises, I would dream that my maternal grandmother had an energy pillar that was five stories high, my mother had one that was four stories high and mine was only one story high. Even my lotus flower seat was very tiny.

Finally, I regretted that during the occasion when I went with my mother to Tiananmen Square to validate the Fa, though we had agreed not to divulge our names and address, I told the wicked police officers where we were from. It created a big tribulation for my mother. If I had been steadfast in not revealing anything, it would have been good. When fellow practitioners noticed that little Lian Hua was in remorse, they comforted her, "You were able to go there when you are so young, the evil will certainly be fearful." Little Lian Hua replied, "I was not the youngest, there were some still being carried in their mother's bosoms."

2. Lian Peng

Lian Peng is an eight-year-old girl. Under the guidance of her grandmother, she learned Falun Dafa in 2003. Though she had only practiced for more than a year, she experienced many amazing incidents. The following is her oral account.

One time, when I was having my lesson, a Daoist priest appeared on the wall of the classroom. He was holding a horsetail whisk. He smiled and said to me, "I know your greatest dream is to be a teacher. If you were to abandon the practice, you will succeed." I replied, "I will not abandon it as I am already in the middle of it. I will never stop practicing." He changed his remark, "Even if you stop practicing for a week will do." I rejected the idea. He continued: "Even if you stop practicing for two days will do, if not even one day will suffice." I did not agree. He gave me a ferocious look as if he were about to swallow me. I immediately began to send forth righteous thoughts. I saw both his legs disappear and he became shorter and finally he was left with only a head. He swore that he would seek revenge and then completely disappeared. I then continued to listen to the lesson.

One time, as I finished washing my face at home, I bumped the wash basin heavily against a table, I saw the table changing into a small person, and his head had a huge lump. He said, "Do not bump into me in the future, for if you injure me, you will not see me again. I have not awakened yet, and I will continue to sleep." After saying that, he disappeared. I realized that in the future I must be more careful and cherish things.

I would sometimes see the bed in the house become a person and move slowly; sometimes there would be a smiling face on the classroom wall, and the chairs would become small people and wave at me. If they interfered with my lesson, I would ignore them.

Sometimes I would have very vivid dreams. One time, I dreamed about a road with a lotus flower bud in front of it. The first layer of petals opened, with a bud in the center; after that another layer would open, then the third layer... with buds in the center; when the tenth layer opened, there was a mango. I wanted to pluck it, but I thought about not destroying life. As I walked on, I saw a chrysanthemum flower bud, and as the first layer opened, I saw a bud in the center, and from the second to the seventh layer there were buds in the center, and at the eighth level there was an apple. I kept walking forward and saw a golden flower with each layer opening, and at the middle were buds, and at the seventh level was a fruit of the ginseng that looked like the head of a baby, I thought: "What is this flowering and fruiting about?" As I was contemplating, there were fruits everywhere, a row of mangoes, a row of apples, a row of ginseng fruits, I suddenly realized, this was definitely the fruit status representing whatever level you have achieved.

One time, I dreamed about a road with flowers on both sides. I continued to walk forward, and came upon a huge cave. When I entered the cave, there were skeletons and skulls strewn all over the place. I was petrified and started to send forth righteous thoughts. I saw some knives flying towards the evil. In an instant, all the skeletons disappeared. I proceeded toward a door, and it opened even before I pushed it. A female there asked me: "What are you doing here, if you do not practice Falun Gong, all your desires will be fulfilled." I did not respond. After a moment, there were demons with festering bodies wanting to kill me with their knives. At that moment I saw two Faluns exterminate the devils.

Sometimes I dreamt about rotten demons in the house. They had long heads and pointed hands, their eyes were hanging from the sockets. I noticed that there was a golden light beside the bed that was protecting me. In an instant, a flash of lightning killed the rotten demons. When I sent forth righteous thoughts, I saw Tiananmen Square where there were many police officers that were demons arresting Dafa practitioners. I reckoned that I should send forth righteous thoughts quickly and destroy those demons. During the sending of righteous thoughts, I saw the status of Jiang being abolished, and he was sent to prison where people from all over the world were throwing dead rats and other rubbish on his body.

I was happiest when I dreamt that I was together with Teacher. One time, while I was walking along a road, I noticed that there were rainbows on both sides of the road. The rainbows were like ladders resting against the colored clouds. There were many Dafa practitioners on the colored clouds. When I reached heaven, there was a table full of grapes, fruits of ginseng, mangoes and other fruits on it. Teacher told me: "Eat them!"

3. Lian Zi

Lian Zi, though not yet six years old this year, had stories to relate from even before he was born.

The maternal grandmother of Lian Zi believed in Guan Yin (Avalokitesvara) and she once saw Guan Yin in her dream. Guan Yin was holding the vase of purity and was sitting in meditation. A young lad was continually tugging at her sleeve. Soon after, Guan Yin led the lad to Lian Zi's mother's room. When Lian Zi's mother knew that she was pregnant, she contemplated abortion. His maternal grandmother advised his mother: "You have conceived a boy this time." Then his maternal grandmother told the story about the dream, Lian Zi's mother was astonished. Later, Guan Yin gave these words of enlightenment to Lian Zi's maternal grandmother: "You cannot cultivate with me. You must look for the Teacher with the surname of Li."

After Lian Zi's maternal grandmother started practicing Falun Dafa in 1998, Lian Zi was born. When Lian Zi was more than one year old, he was able to put the audio tape into the tape recorder and listen to Teacher's lectures. In kindergarten, little Lian Zi would not take an afternoon nap. He would softly recite "Lun Yu."

When Lian Zi practiced the exercises, his mother used to object to it. One time, his mother lifted him like a little chicken and tossed him on the bed. Immediately after he touched the bed, in a flash, he was sitting with his legs crossed and in the meditation posture, completely ignoring the anger shown by his mother.

A few days ago, Lian Zi very softly and in embarrassment told his maternal grandmother: "Teacher Li criticized me today, and said that I was not diligent in doing my exercises and that I was too playful. Teacher also said that he knew that I was busy with my studies, but I should not miss my exercises. At that moment I felt so ashamed I lowered my head. Then Teacher told me to do the exercises with him. Teacher sat on the throne of the lotus flower and I was standing on a white cloud. We arrived at a very beautiful place where the houses, trees, birds and flowers were all shining brilliantly. Teacher gave me lots of delicious fruits to eat. Then Teacher sat in the meditation position and I sat at the right hand side of Teacher. Then, you also came along and sat on the left hand side of Teacher. I began to do my exercises. After completing the exercises, Teacher took us to an extremely beautiful place. Then we came back."