(Clearwisdom.net) Since July of 2004, my body has gone through huge tribulations. My entire body was unbearably itchy, and I was in unspeakable pain. From the top of my head to my heels, these lumps like toad's skin would appear and disappear all over my body. It was very frightening. I knew it was the old forces' residual evil, persecuting me physically. I strongly believed that if I sent forth righteous thoughts, they would be completely destroyed. So I sent forth righteous thoughts every day to eliminate them.

After a month of sending forth righteous thoughts every day to eliminate their interference and persecution against me, I still could not quite resolve the problem.

Before, I had written a "repentance statement" (1) against my will. Though I knew that it was false, I had never written a solemn declaration to nullify it. This is because all along I thought that the heart is what is important in Dafa, and that the declaration was only a piece of paper, an ordinary person's method and nothing more, so it did not matter whether I wrote a declaration letter or not.

When I saw on Minghui.net [the Chinese version of Clearwisdom] an important article by a fellow practitioner regarding writing solemn declarations, I recognized how important it was to write one. I knew that writing the so-called repentance statements in the past was signing a pact with the old forces. If it weren't disavowed, the old forces would have an excuse to continue to interfere with and persecute me.

On August 13, I wrote a solemn declaration, announcing that any words and deeds from me in the past that did not conform to Dafa were completely null and void.

After writing the solemn declaration, very quickly, the pain in my body, and the toad-like lumps on my skin vanished. Even if occasionally one pops up, it does not itch anymore. I realized that only after I wrote this solemn declaration did I thoroughly break away from the old forces and the old forces' dark minions. They could no longer use my past omission to create tribulations to persecute me. I had finally walked onto the path that Teacher had arranged for me.

I write out my own experiences to urge those fellow practitioners who still have not written solemn declarations to do so. Writing a solemn declaration is needed for fellow practitioners who had gone astray before, and is an important and absolutely necessary step for disavowing the old forces' arrangements. Writing a solemn declaration is not to be done superficially or as a mere formality. It is fundamentally disavowing the old forces for those of our practitioners who at one time had gone astray.

(1) The so-called "Repentance Statement" -- In this statement the practitioner is forced, under extreme physical and mental pressure, to admit remorse for practicing Falun Gong, to promise to give up Falun Gong, and never again associate with other practitioners or go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong.