Dear Consul:

My previous letters to you were based on two considerations. First, I put myself in your position, I understand the difficulties you are facing, and I know that you have no wish to hurt me or my family. I have always respected you, because everyone has dignity. Showing respects to others is the same as respecting oneself.

Second, what I stated were facts. Falun Gong practitioners never oppose the Chinese government, and have never violated any of China's laws. In fact, many people within the Chinese government oppose the suppression of Falun Gong, many of those people have family members who are Falun Gong practitioners. You may have noticed on Minghui, the website that fully reflects the situations of Falun Gong practitioners, all references to "The Chinese government's suppression of Falun Gong" try to make it clear that it is not China that opposes Falun Gong, but Jiang Zemin and the "610 Office." Falun Gong practitioners oppose the dictator's abuse of power, out of jealousy, to implement an inhuman "policy" that is committing crimes against Falun Gong practitioners. And such policy is totally against international conventions and the Chinese constitution.

The suppression itself is the cause of embarrassment to the Chinese government and the Chinese people, and it is also what traps the Chinese government and the Chinese people in their current predicament. Some people are misled by the lies and propaganda that say "Falun Gong opposes the Chinese government and violates the Chinese laws;" but lies cannot become truths even when repeated 100 times. During the overthrow of state president Liu Shaoqi, when he was said to be "Deceitful, and a Thief," was it really so? Is it against the laws to appeal according to the Constitution and reflect the truths to our leadership about the practice of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance? No Falun Gong practitioner has ever declared "to bring down someone" or "to overthrow someone;" also, they don't retort when verbally abused, nor do they strike back when hit. When faced with such a group of benign, honest and kind people, who would not be truly moved by them.

Many legal experts have thoroughly analyzed and commented in detail about the illegal nature of the suppression, and I will not repeat them here. However, I do want to point out one fact: The suppression began in a grand fashion on July 20, 1999, but the National People's Congress only "legalized" the decision to "ban evil cults, guard against and punish evil cult activities" on October 30, 1999. In other words, the suppression came first, and the legislation came later.

As for me, I could not put anything down on paper unless I know it is true. And I have no wish to gain anything through any deceitful means. However, it is a basic right for any Chinese national living overseas to have a valid Chinese passport to prove their status and identity. It would be against my principle, and would be an insult to my character; especially when I am faced with such brutal reality, all the more I will insist on maintaining what I consider my basic human dignity.

According to an estimate by an internal official of the Chinese Communist Party, at the end of October 2001, there were 1,600 deaths due to the abuse suffered while in detention, more than 6,000 were illegally sentenced to prison terms, more than a hundred thousand were illegally sent to forced labor camps, and a few thousand were sent to mental hospitals and then were injected with substances that caused damages to their central nervous system. Large numbers of Falun Gong practitioners were kidnapped at various places and sent to brainwashing centers, where they were tortured mentally. Many more were physically beaten and abused, as well as extorted by the so-called "law enforcement officers."

According to a practitioner that narrowly escaped from prison, an imprisoned Falun Gong practitioner can lose their life any day. My mother's sister is currently imprisoned in a forced labor camp. I do not know if I will ever have the opportunity to see her again. I wish all the revealed methods of tortures and humiliations which the Falun Gong practitioners routinely are subjected to were not true.

All these years, with great difficulties and hardships, Falun Gong practitioners were only appealing to free the imprisoned practitioners and to punish the perpetrators. Everything that is helpful to this cause, I will support and I will try my best to help with. Which patriotic Chinese does not wish to see an end to this catastrophe? Since 1992, with the spread of Falun Dafa all over the world, everyone can witness the kindness, honesty and forbearance of Falun Gong practitioners. However, this does not mean those who knowingly committed hideous crimes against the practitioners (the chief instigators, authors of the false propaganda and those with their hands stained with blood of Falun Gong practitioners) will be allowed to escape unpunished. Otherwise, the world will not have justice.

I'm not sure whether you have noticed two recent news events. The first, on November 26, 2003, the "Global Coalition to Bring Jiang Zemin to Justice" submitted evidence to the International Court in the Hague in a request to try Jiang. The second, on November 21, 2003, a criminal lawsuit was filed by Falun Gong practitioners in Germany's highest court against Jiang Zemin. Just like jurisprudence expert Mr. Yu Haocheng said, "good is rewarded with good and evil is punished by evil," this is definitely not superstition, it conforms to the rules of history. Both Ceausescu and Milosevic were finally delivered to the court; China's despotic dictators also cannot escape a similar fate... And there is no excuse for those police officers who claimed that they only carried out their orders, they will have to bear full responsibility as they know it is clearly wrong to do so and yet they still do it." This is a clear warning to those involved in this repression; each person has to be responsible to their own actions.

For the past few months, because of the rejection of my passport, I and my family have been subjected to lots of mental stress and pressure, and it has not been easy to live with the tremendous pressure. But for my conscience as well as for the rights to live and the beliefs of numerous Falun Gong practitioners that are being brutally persecuted in China, we have no complaints and no regrets. I hope you will help in renewing my passport.

Sincerely seeking your understanding and help.