(Clearwisdom.net) In April 2004, Anshun City's Political and Legal Committee in Guizhou Province set up a forced brainwashing center at the city's Coal Mine Guesthouse where they planned to force the city's practitioners to renounce Falun Gong through torture and abuse. Mr. Lu Zhonglin, the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee in Ziyun County, Anshun City, Guizhou Province, then lured Mr. Wang Xuxiong to the forced brainwashing class and subjected him to torture because he courageously stepped out to protest the persecution of practitioners in the area. Mr. Wang Xuxiong, an employee at Ziyun County Post Office, had practiced Falun Gong in the past so he knew the fact that Falun Gong is a good practice. The torture and injustice eventually led Mr. Wang to jump out of the building and subsequently fracture his feet. More details of the story follow:

Details of the Persecution

In the afternoon of April 11, 2004, Mr. Lu Zhonglin, the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee in Ziyun County, Anshun City, Guizhou Province, ordered Mr. Wang Xuxiong's work organization to send him to "job training" at the location of the forced brainwashing center. Wang checked in to the forced brainwashing center, completely unaware of the scheme. The brainwashing staff (referred to as "torturers" from now on) confiscated Wang's cellular phone and keys right away, and locked him into a small room with three other people under the surveillance of three torturers. The imprisoned were not allowed to step outside the room at any time. They ate, slept, and used the restroom in the same room. The door was locked from the outside. Every day they were made to sit idly in the room watching VCD's slandering Falun Gong. Then they were forced to report whether they had any intention of renouncing Falun Gong. The torturers also tried to make them renounce Falun Gong in writing. When Wang Xuxiong's hair badly needed a cut, he was pushed around and beaten when he asked the torturers for a haircut. His feet were wounded and bled a lot.

Wang Xuxiong was denied visits. Even the head of his work organization, Mr. Wang, was not allowed to visit him. In the beginning of June 2004, his child became ill and his wife wished to file for divorce. This bad news added to his torment. To think that he suffered injustice for no valid reason made him feel he'd be better off dead. Bursting with the feeling of injustice and an overwhelming feeling of despair, Wang jumped out of the window, causing severe disability to his feet. The Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, Lu Zhonglin, refused to pay for the medical expenses, although he was the man who put Wang Xuxiong under illegal detention and torture. Instead, Lu made Wang's work organization be responsible for the medical expenses. Wang Xuxiong has already filed a lawsuit against Lu Zhonglin at the local people's court, hoping to bring him to justice.

It was only after Wang had injured his feet that he learned why he had become one of the targets of the persecution. Because he once went to the county's Political and Legal Committee and protested the injustice inflicted upon local Falun Gong practitioners, Mr. Cao Yongchang and Wei Xingzhi, who had been illegally sentenced to forced hard labor camps, Lu, as the Secretary of the county's Political and Legal Committee, had been holding a grudge against him ever since. Lu then abused his power and tortured Wang Xuxiong in the forced brainwashing center as a punitive measure.