(Clearwisdom.net) Upon reading the online reports of the severe persecution fellow practitioners experience, I feel very sad and pained. In fact, there are practitioners like this in many places, and what they experience is also similar. While condemning the evil, maybe we can ask ourselves if there are still some human notions we need to let go of, or if our faith in Dafa is pure and determined. If a cultivator can let go of all the attachments, the evil will be intimidated; if a person can face evil and tribulations with a smile, the evil will be terrified.

I remember Teacher has said something like (not original words), if you think the tribulation very big, it will appear bigger than a mountain. It will be a barrier in your way that prevents you from moving forward. If you consider the tribulation a minor one, you may get over it with one leap.

As a practitioner, to measure ourselves with the Fa at any time is the most important thing. When our Xinxing is improved, the tribulation will no longer exist. To endure the persecution is absolutely not the reason why Falun Dafa practitioners are here. Instead, Dafa practitioners have a higher responsibility, a more important goal which is to save more sentient beings.

I hope we can improve our Xinxing soon, to step out of the tribulation arranged by the old forces, and to eliminate the persecution.