(Clearwisdom.net) Not long ago, I had the chance to chat with a doctor working in a Beijing hospital. I told him about the suspicious inconsistencies of the staged Tiananmen self-immolation incident. Speaking of the treatment of burn victims, this doctor said, "Hospitals in Beijing usually require burn patients stay in a bacteria-free (aseptic) room in order to prevent them from being infected." In response to the fact that Li Siying (the little girl in the incident, who later died in the hospital) talked to a reporter with a clear voice with gauze and bandages wrapped all over her body, this doctor was shocked. "How come the girl, a severely burnt patient, was not inside the aseptic room? And why didn't the reporter wear any protective clothes while interviewing the girl?"

He continued, "I know the hospital where the girl stayed has long been using a special medicine produced by its own doctors on burn patients. Such medicine needs to be soaked in alcohol before it can be applied on burnt skin. Doctors must make sure the burnt skin is left exposed, without any gauze or bandage covering it." However, Li Siying was wrapped with gauze when she was interviewed by the reporter. This doctor stated clearly, "This is no doubt faked. It's apparent the authorities were making up things to frame Falun Gong."