(Clearwisdom.net) In Spring 2003, the Harbin Women's Prison diagnosed Du Chunxiang as initially having pulmonary tuberculosis. It was then confirmed twice at the prison assigned hospital, the Second Hospital of Harbin Medical University, that she was infected with the following: the advanced stage of tuberculosis, chronic gastritis, and anemia. One of the examinations was carried out on July 14, 2004. In the past year, the family members of Du Chunxiang have been requesting again and again for the prison to process a release for medical treatment. This has still not been resolved .

On August 26, 2004, Du Chunxiang's family members went to the Harbin Women's Prison to visit her and strongly requested the prison authorities to release her for medical treatment. During the visiting period, Du's family members were trying to give the application (for seeing a doctor outside the prison) to Du Chunxiang for her to sign. But the guard stopped them and did not let Du Chunxiang sign her name. Du's family members handed the application to the prison administrative section chief, Yang Libin. Yang told them rudely, "Du Chunxiang practices Falun Gong, so the release for medical treatment cannot be handled for her."

When Du's family asked about whether there was a clearly stated law saying, "Falun Gong practitioners cannot be release for medical treatment," Yang Libin used all kinds of excuses to send Du's family members away.

Du Chunxiang's family found a staff member named Han, who was from the prosecutor's office and assigned to stay at the Harbin Women's Prison. After being told of the purpose of their visit, Han called the prison hospital chair, Zhao Yinglin, to enquire about this issue. Zhao Yinglin unexpectedly said that Du Chunxiang's illness had improved. When Du's family asked to see the diagnosis, the request was rejected. Du's family requested that an independent doctor confirm Du's condition, but the prison personnel did not respond and used various excuses to keep that from happening.

Between July 14 and August 26, the prison authorities did not take Du Chunxiang to the hospital for examination. What was the basis for their saying that her health had improved? If her physical condition had changed for the better, why did they reject the family's request to see the diagnosis? In addition, the treatment period for tuberculosis is normally over six months, but Du's illness became worse again from July 12 to 14. She had a mask on her face when she saw her family. She was so emaciated that she could not stand up. Under persistent requests from Du's family, she was sent to the second hospital of Harbin Medical University for an examination. The results of the exam were: anemia, gastritis, the tuberculosis had gotten worse.

We appeal to everyone around the world to help secure Ms. Du's release from prison. Attached is the application for Du Chunxiang to be released for medical treatment.


The application for guaranteed release for medical treatment

Applicant: Du Chunxiang, female, born on July 17, 1957

Identification number: 230605195707172026

Purpose of the application:

To request the People's Court to release the applicant for medical treatment promptly according to the law.

Facts and reasons:

Because of practicing Falun Gong, I was sentenced for a set term of 5-year imprisonment based on imposed violations by Daqing City's Honggang District People's Court. I have been detained illegally for two years and three months now. I got ill in March 2003 and was initially diagnosed by the prison hospital to have pulmonary tuberculosis. In the same year, it was confirmed by the Second Hospital of Harbin Medical University that I had reached the advanced stage of cavitary pulmonary tuberculosis, chronic gastritis and anemia. Because of these diseases, I am very weak, unable to stand and unable to take care of myself in daily life. Because the disease is infectious, according to the rule that states that infectious patients cannot be monitored and controlled in "Criminal Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China," I request Daqing City's Intermediate People's Court to execute the guaranteed release for medical treatment for the applicant. I hope that the court will approve the application soon.


Applicant: Du Chunxiang

To Daqing City's Intermediate People's Court

August 24, 2004


Telephone number for Heilongjiang Province assigned prosecutor's office at Harbin Women's Prison: 86-451-82030982

The telephone number for reporting to Binjiang Prosecutor's Office, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province: 86-451-86663178

The operator for Heilongjiang Province's Harbin Women's Prison: 86-451-86684001, 86-451-86684001, 86-451-86684001

Chairperson of Heilongjiang Province's Harbin Women's Prison: Wang Xing 86-451-86684001 Ext.8001

The party secretary of Heilongjiang Province's Harbin Women's Prison: 86-451-86684001 Ext.8002

Vice Chair of Heilongjiang Province's Harbin Women's Prison: Cong Xin, Liu Zhiqiang (in charge of guaranteed release for medical treatment) 86-451-86684001 Ext.8003

Administrative Section Chief of Harbin Women's Prison: Yang Libin 86-451-86684001 Ext.8142

Education and Reform Section Chief of Harbin Women's Prison: Xiao Lin 86-451-86684001 Ext.8130