Sharing Experiences During Dafa Practitioners' Truth Clarification Activities in New York City (Continued) (Photos)

September 13, 2004 | By Dafa Practitioners in the U.S.A.

( Dafa practitioners who have participated in truth clarification activities in New York City shared the following experiences.

Clarifying the Truth to Offer Salvation to Living Beings is Unconditional, and Seeking Any Form of Reward Should be Eliminated

Our clarifying the truth is to unconditionally offer salvation to living beings. We should not have any attachments of seeking rewards from those to be saved. Only this way can we have the purest and most compassionate hearts, with the sole intent of benefiting others. When people feel this compassion, it will be much easier for them to accept what we tell them. With regards to how people act after knowing the truth, that is their own business and we should not have any attachment to what they do.

Furthermore, it is very important to have the same pure and compassionate heart toward anyone, regardless of his or her income, social status, job, or attitude. Only in this way can we maintain a pure and righteous mindset.

Generally speaking, when the listeners don't show any special desire to further know the facts, it is enough that we have explained the facts from two aspects -- the goodness of Dafa and the persecution of Dafa. For non-cultivators, there always exists an issue of how much they can understand, so we should not talk too much or too profoundly. Some Western practitioners asked if it might be better to talk more about the goodness of Dafa. In fact, we must let people know the facts about the persecution of Dafa. Furthermore, talking about the persecution is the most effective way to move people and arouse their compassion. The evil beings become very scared when people learn the truth, since when the people know the truth, the evil beings that control these people are eliminated. Our truth clarification is for the purpose of offering salvation to people as well as massively eliminating evil beings in other dimensions.

Treat the Fatigue That We Experience During Our Truth Clarification with Righteous Minds

Practitioner A said, "In San Francisco, after I stood all day long, I did not feel tired, but in New York City, my feet and legs hurt, even after I stood for a short while. I then continually sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil beings. It is obvious that the evils are very scared when we clarify the truth, and thus attempt to hinder our efforts. So we cannot just simply take it as 'fatigue.' We should not let the arrangements of the old cosmic forces materialize."

Practitioner B said, "While handing out truth clarification materials, I try to send forth righteous thoughts continually to get rid of the evil beings that prevent New Yorkers from reading the truth clarification materials."

We Should Have Compassionate Expressions on Our Faces While Distributing Truth Clarification Materials

Practitioner C said, "Although we are very tired, we still should avoid absentmindedness while distributing truth clarification materials. We should try to look in people's eyes, signaling them to ask us for help. This way, we can easily awaken their enlightened sides. When we present flyers to passersby with smiles on our faces, saying 'Falun Dafa is Great,' and 'It's Good for You,' many of them will take the flyers."

Practitioner B said, "Sometimes I also added, 'Ancient Chinese Meditation,' and it was very effective."

If those practitioners who give out flyers can cooperate well with each other and set up a schedule, taking turns to rest, they would definitely look energetic! To prevent wasting valuable manpower and resources, the practitioners who participate in anti-torture exhibits should also cooperate well with each other and rotate the roles of handing out flyers, demonstrating the Falun Gong exercises, and acting out the various kinds of cruel tortures, so as to make it convenient for the practitioners who wear makeup (acting as victims) to use the restroom, eat meals, or take care of other details.

High Resolution Picture

This 77-year-old practitioner from New Jersey said, "When you look at them with compassion, they will take the flyers."

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The anti-torture exhibit on the streets of Manhattan

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At an intersection, a young U.S. practitioner holds a display board high, to tell people about the persecution of Falun Gong in China,

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A six-months-pregnant practitioner from New Zealand usually stands and walks on the street for many hours handing out flyers. She sat down with her legs crossed and rested her feet for only a short while when it was time to send forth righteous thoughts.

Ask People to Pass Along the Flyers to their Friends and Families

Practitioner B said, "Many people smiled and said, 'I already know this. I have read the flyer you gave me yesterday. I support you!' I then responded, 'Thank you. Please share the information about Falun Gong with your friends.' They usually accepted another flyer to take to their friends."

Practitioner D said, "I clarified the truth very easily inside a taxi. The taxi driver happily accepted the flyers and agreed to help give the flyers to his customers. I often say to those who take my flyers, 'Please share it with your friends after you read it.'"

Make the Best Use of Time so as to Guarantee Time for Our Fa Study and Practicing the Exercises

Practitioner E said, "Initially, we went to practice the exercises in a nearby park from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. At 10:00 a.m. we went to the streets in Manhattan to clarify the truth. Later, we noticed the change of traffic flow on the street, that is, the living and working schedule of New Yorkers. They usually travel to work between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., so there are a lot of passers-by at subway station exits and road intersections. After that time, the number of passersby suddenly becomes less, until between the 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. lunch time, when the streets are again filled with people. The third peak time is between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., when New Yorkers go back home. We have adjusted our schedules based on the three peak times. In the early morning we go to the streets to welcome people who come to the city to work. Several practitioners in a group take turns distributing flyers, demonstrating the exercises, and holding the display boards or banners. When the number of passers-by lessens, we then take time to study the Fa.

There are More Opportunities on the Busy Streets

Practitioner B said, "At several of the busiest Wall Street intersections, and Times Square, there are many tourists. Large numbers of them wore Republican Party representatives' ID badges. These people were not as hurried as those who come to the city to work. It was easier for them to accept the flyers, particularly while waiting for the street lights to change. These intersections are very busy all day long. After dinner time, when it is nice and cool, and city lights shine everywhere, even more people come into the streets, which provides us very good opportunities to clarify the truth. Next time we should make even better use of these opportunities, especially by having the "three-person groups" cooperate well and take turns going to the local parks near those several busy streets to practice the exercises and clarify the truth."

Practitioner D said, "At other large subway station exits, such as the one on 72nd Street, a large number of people pass by between dinner time and 9:00 p.m. We should not 'withdraw the soldiers' too early to the hotels, lest we miss this opportunity. Additionally, I went to Starbucks coffee shops to clarify the truth to customers sitting around me. During the time of rest, while drinking coffee, it is easier for people to accept our flyers and talk to me."

Saving Time and Reducing Costs

Practitioner E: "Clarifying the truth in a meticulous way and in depth is a long-term effort. Next time we should prepare some food at home to take with us. First, it will take less time to eat, and allow us to fully utilize the precious lunchtime and dinnertime to clarify the truth. Second, it reduces costs. Purchasing weekly metro passes is another way to save money."

Practitioner B: "I need to get rid of my attachment of 'having to eat Chinese food.' One day, lunchtime was very tight. For lunch I had to buy two cheap hotdogs from a street vendor. In the evening I bought some cheap apples, cucumbers, and bananas as dinner. Actually, the day's nutrition was quite balanced."

Presenting a Good Image on the Streets of New York

Practitioner A: "It looks so appropriate when seeing Western practitioners wear a tie and distribute the latest English-language Dafa newspaper in a street. The people on the East Coast tend to pay more attention to their appearance than those on the West Coast. Perhaps we should avoid wearing clothing like blue jeans."

Practitioner F: "It seems not quite proper to hang a display board on one's neck. It is better to have another practitioner hold a display board or demonstrate the exercises alongside. If you are alone, just carry a backpack, which is very convenient for holding supplies and distributing handouts."

Practitioner C: "I prepared several sets of formal clothes, which are proper to wear when I distribute flyers in the street or go to visit a congressman. If we pay attention to what we wear, we will not be regarded as street persons, and will bridge the gap with those to whom we hand materials."

Practitioner B: "I feel that wearing a yellow T-shirt is suitable in situations such as group practice. I tend to agree what it was said in the article, "How to Clarify the Truth More Effectively in Manhattan," published on [Chinese version of] on August 30, that in many situations or places it is not proper to wear a yellow T-shirt, which stands out and seems inappropriate."

Practitioner D: "Seeing some practitioners going out without wearing socks, I suggest for them not to do so. One more thing, particularly for Chinese - we should avoid calling to someone at a distance using a loud voice on the streets. Please, to talk, approach someone from closer up."

Clarifying the Truth to the Police

Practitioner B: "There are many police officers in New York. Since they are on duty, they may politely refuse a flyer if we just simply hand it to them. I would chat with them first, on topics such as how heavy their well-equipped uniform is, or thanking them for their hard work. Then they would be glad to accept the flyers. It is indeed hard for them to wear nearly 20 pounds of clothing and equipment."

Preparing Materials in Spanish and French

Practitioner D: "Next time we should prepare some materials in Spanish or French, making it more convenient for those who speak these languages. Many taxi drivers in New York speak Spanish or French, particularly if they come from Haiti. When riding in a taxi, I sometimes speak a few Spanish words with the driver and then introduce Dafa in English."

Preparing Simple, Short Answers

Practitioner E: "When I hold a banner in a street, many passersby stop to ask me questions. Since many people are in a rush, they just want to know what it is about in a few words. I prepare the following short dialog and it seems very effective."

Question: What is it about?

Answer: It is about Falun Gong, a very good mind and body cultivation practice.

Question: What are you doing here?

Answer: We come here to tell people about Falun Gong and the persecution of Falun Gong in China. We seek righteous support from you. We believe that with each additional person who knows the truth, the sooner the persecution will be stopped.

"In addition, Washington DC practitioners have designed a new type of flyer specifically for the New York truth-clarification (tri- fold, black and white). We recommend it to fellow practitioners. The flyer is a group effort. If you think any of the text on it can be revised and made better, please point this out."

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