(Clearwisdom.net) Since the end of July 2004, police in the Youjiang District have been arbitrarily and violently arresting Dafa practitioners. It was reported that practitioners Wu Jilin, Mr. and Mrs. Wang Zhen, Liao Chunxing, Mr. and Mrs. Long Aiqiao, and Ms. Luo Cailuan have been arrested. Reportedly, police have been interrogating the practitioners day and night, attempting to extract information from them. They use contemptible measures such as depriving practitioners of sleep. They try in vain to make practitioners become delirious and mentally traumatized, so as to find out the origin of materials that clarify the truth about Falun Dafa.

Currently, in the homes of Wu Jilin, Mr. and Mrs. Wang Zhen, Liao Chunxing, and Mr. and Mrs. Long Aiqiao, the old and the young are left unattended. These kinds of infractions by the Youjiang police have caused serious harm to both the minds and bodies of the Dafa practitioners and their family members. I would like to call to the attention of the world's kindhearted people the insecurity of Dafa practitioners' lives in Baise City.

Youjiang police have been persistently and illegally committing crimes while persecuting Dafa practitioners. They shined powerful lights into the eyes of practitioner Wei Binglian. They would not let him shut his eyes or allow him to sleep as they tried to extract information from him. This caused Wei's eyes to be damaged, and they now frequently tear up. After the inquisition by torture, Wei Binglian was illegally sentenced to five years in the Litang Prison in Guangxi. Dafa practitioner Pang Shouguang was continuously interrogated for ten days and nights. He became mentally traumatized, and was then sentenced to eight years in the Litang prison. Ms. Liang Changying was also continuously interrogated for ten days and nights. During that time, she was also threatened, and her clothes were ripped off of her. Later, she was sentenced to five years in the Guangxi Female Prison.

Responsible Persecutor: Huang Shaoqiang, Male

Office: Youjiang District Police Department First Section

Phone Number: 86-776-2895728

Cell Phone: 13807767668

Beeper: 86-776 127-2582031