(Clearwisdom.net) Sources say that a so-called "rejecting cult" program, which is in fact a brainwashing program for young people from elementary and high schools in the Dongshan District, began operations on July 30, 2004. The classes were organized by the "China Anti-cult Association" (CACA), the Dongshan District "610 Office," the Dongshan District Education Department, and the Dongshan District Justice Department. Being the first of its kind, the camp was organized by Guangdong Province authorities to spread propaganda and instill hatred toward Falun Gong among those youngsters. The plan is to indoctrinate close to 70,000 young people in Dongshan District every year by making them attend the camp.

The camp is located at the Zhenshan scenic area in Sihui City, Guangdong Province. It is 80 km from Guangzhou, and occupies 370 acres. It was originally built for the teaching of fundamental skills in industry, agriculture, and military to students from elementary school through high school. The Dongshan District Education Department funded the project with a large amount of capital. Construction began in August 1999 and the site has been in operation since August 2000.

Sources also say that the targeting of children with anti-Falun Gong propaganda from elementary through high school began in July 2004. It is harming youngsters and will continue to do so well into the future.

We urge fellow practitioners to work together and stop this operation, which causes great harm to these young people.

Phone numbers and email addresses of Dongshan District Education Department:

Department Director: Zhu Jianqiang 86-20-87783366 zhujq@dsedu.net

Party secretary: Che Cihui 86-20-87667478 chech@dsedu.net

Deputy Director: Chen Jun (also in charge the education camp described above)

86-20-87674555 chenjun@dsedu.net

Deputy Director: Liu Xiaoming 86-20-87677882 liuxm@dsedu.net

Deputy Director: Liu Chujian 86-20-87667481 liucj@dsedu.net

Deputy Director: Zhang Yuanmu 86-87671881 zhangym@dsedu.net

Qinggongjianxu Service and Administration Center of Dongshan City Education Department (in charge of the education camp described above)

Telephone: 86-20-87777863, Fax: 86-20-87781773 dsqgjx@dsedu.net

Dongshan District Youth Fundamental Skill Education Camp for Youths

Telephone: 86-758-3306411. The camp has a principal. The curriculum department, in charge of curriculum development, and the student-behavior department in charge of military education, industrial education, agricultural education, and law and justice education all report to this principal. The names of the people in charge in these departments are unknown.