(Clearwisdom.net) Teacher visited Wuhan three times since he introduced Falun Gong to the public in 1992, and gave five nine-day lectures there. Many local practitioners were fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the Fa (1) lectures. When practitioners recall that period of time they feel very happy, special and wonderful. The following are some of the stories from those times shared by practitioners who were there. We hope more practitioners can write their own experiences to testify the greatness of our Teacher and Falun Dafa.

  1. When Teacher came to Wuhan to give lectures the second time, Grandma Zhang brought her grandson, who was only a few years old. Her grandson was cross-eyed, so he didn't look very nice. Her grandson was also very shy and didn't talk much. Before leaving home Grandma Zhang told him that he should be courteous if he met Teacher. When was still some distance between the two of them and the auditorium where the lectures would be given, the grandson suddenly freed his hand from his grandma's and rushed toward the auditorium. At that moment Teacher was just getting out of the car. The boy went close to Teacher and greeted him saying, "Grandpa Li." Teacher smiled at him and stroked his head. From then on the boy's eyes were not crossed anymore. In addition to that, his third eye opened. The boy became a very handsome practitioner.
  2. A woman in her 70's had a hunched back. She suffered so much she even wished she were dead at times. When she attended the Fa lectures she had hoped to beg Teacher to treat her back. Teacher said in his lectures, "... Some people were very uncomfortable and would not move in their seats. They were waiting for me to walk down the podium to help them out. I would not do it..." (Zhuan Falun). After hearing this, she felt disappointed. However, she continued to go to the lectures and practice the exercises. Gradually she let go of that attachment. One day, before the lecture series was finished, she went to the park to practice the exercises with fellow practitioners. All of a sudden she felt an acute pain in her back and as a result she lost consciousness. The other practitioners carried her back home. She lied in bed and soon saw that Teacher's law body followed by a fellow practitioner into her room. Teacher asked the practitioner to turn her over in the bed. She then saw Teacher's law body adjust her body. After some pain and a snapping sound her dislocated spine was restored and she felt light and relaxed. The following day, when she went to the park to practice the exercises, the fellow practitioners stroked her back and found that the hunch disappeared. Ever since then she has had a straight back and has never suffered from any pain.

  3. During his lectures in Wuhan, Teacher took several practitioners with him to go to Guiyuan Temple in Hanyang, Wuhan City. While inside the temple Teacher was busy getting rid of the bad beings in other dimension - foxes, weasels, ghosts and snakes - when a child who went with one of the practitioners saw through his third eye that the temple was full of monks who were all on their knees kowtowing to Teacher. After we studied the Fa we enlightened that Teacher had saved all of the monks.

  4. Practitioner Fang Yun (alias) of Wuhan accompanied Teacher to many places. One day they went to Wudang Mountain (2) in Hubei Province. When their car reached the entrance to the mountain, Fang Yun saw deities lined up all over the mountain area. They were all shiny and gold. They were in ancient clothing, each with a golden helmet and a suit of golden armor. A huge Buddha was standing in front and all were making the same gesture toward Teacher. Fang Yun asked Teacher what that gesture meant. Teacher answered that it was an expression of welcome.

  5. Fang Yun also accompanied Teacher to Leshan in Sichuan Province. When their boat was approaching the Giant Buddha (3) in Leshan, Fang Yun and another practitioner saw the Giant Buddha crying. Fang Yun said, "Teacher, when he saw you he cried." However, when the boat passed the Giant Buddha Teacher said, "Little Fang come and have a look. When Fang Yun turned around he saw the Giant Buddha was smiling." A practitioner asked Teacher, "Why would the Giant Buddha cry?" Teacher said, "The Giant Buddha was telling me that nowadays the people of the world no longer respect Buddha." Leshan's Giant Buddha has become a tourist trap and people 'step on the Buddha. He was worried about them. Later on practitioners enlightened to the fact that the Giant Buddha smiled because he saw that Teacher is spreading the Fa in the world so that humanity has a hope of being saved.
  6. When Teacher was giving lectures in Wuhan, a practitioner and his family went to Wudang Mountain with Teacher. On their way, the practitioner's one-year-old daughter looked very miserable. She was crying and vomiting. Teacher took the baby and carried her in his arms. The baby instantly stopped crying and vomiting. She looked comfortable and even smiled. However, Teacher vomited himself. The practitioner enlightened to the fact that Teacher bore all the karma for the baby.
  7. In 1994, a practitioner from Wuhan, with the help from a Beijing practitioner she had never met before, went to Harbin to attend a Fa lecture. She took her child who suffered from serious problems with a kidney stone. On their way to the lecture they stayed at a hotel. Her child had already fallen asleep, but the practitioner was not sleepy, so she began to read "Zhuan Falun" by the dim light coming from the windows. The child slowly raised both hands to do "Holding the wheel in front of the head" (4). The practitioner was not surprised and she seemed to have enlightened to something. In Harbin, after the first lecture her child dragged her hand and said let's go to see Teacher. They then went toward the stage. When Teacher passed by, the practitioners were clapping their hands. The child was smiling, jumping, and clapping its hands. Teacher smiled at the child. When they returned to the hotel by bus the child suddenly cried out in pain and said, "Mum, my leg is numb and very sore. I can not stand any more." On talking about that the child began to squat down. The practitioner hurriedly carried the child up. A while later, all the child's symptoms disappeared. On the following day Teacher said in his lecture, "After the lecture yesterday, many of you felt that your whole bodies were very light. However, a very small number of people with severe illnesses went ahead of others and began to feel uncomfortable yesterday." (Zhuan Falun) On hearing that, she realized that the day before her child's symptoms were actually the elimination of karma. After the lecture, the child's severe illnesses had been cured.

......Many stories from Teacher's Fa lectures in Wuhan have inspired practitioners to be more diligent on their path of validating the Fa. We must do well the three things Teacher asks us to do and must live up to the expectations of Teacher's boundless benevolence and 'infinite grace.


(1) Fa - law and principles of Falun Dafa

(2) Wudang Mountain - This mountainous area is best known as a Taoist sanctuary.

(3) The Leshan Giant Buddha - its building was started in 713, during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and completed in the 19th year of Emperor Dezong (803 AD). At 71 meters (220 feet), it is the largest stone sculpture of Buddha in the world. It sits at the confluence of the Minjiang, Dadu and Qingyi rivers.

(4) "Holding the wheel in front of the head" - This is the first gesture from the second set of exercise of Falun Gong.