(Clearwisdom.net) Overcoming many shortcomings in other proxy products, Ultrasurf 6.2 is the latest version of a software program designed to break through the Internet blockade. It has been developed by network experts at Ultrareach Inc. (www.ultrareach.net), who have many years of experience in researching and developing Internet technology.

Ultrasurf is very effective in breaking the Internet blockade in Mainland China and clarifying the truth to the people there. Hundreds of millions of people have visited websites outside China through Ultrasurf. Most of the people come from the big cities like Beijing, where the evil is most concentrated. Ultrasurf has never been blocked and is getting stronger and stronger.

A few weeks after the new version of Ultrasurf became available, the number of visitors to the site reached a new high. Everybody can use Ultrasurf 6.2, including Falun Dafa practitioners (Note: the software is currently available only in Chinese). The more people that use it, the better.

  1. People attracted to genuine overseas news will have a chance to visit Dafa websites that clarify the truth, giving them the most precious opportunity of their lives.
  2. For Mainland Chinese practitioners who are part of Fa-rectification, Ultrasurf helps them to easily and safely visit Dafa websites and to upload and download materials that clarify the truth.
  3. Mainland practitioners who have not yet joined Fa-rectification will have a chance to visit Minghui, read Teacher's new articles, share with other practitioners, and finally awaken to the Fa-rectification.
  4. There is no need to worry if Internet spies know about Ultrasurf or whether someone has used it. Ultrasurf's encryption exceeds the industry standard. The spies won't know what content is being accessed or transferred. In the meantime, Ultrasurf has the capability of being able to identify Internet spies. If there are attempts to crack Ultrasurf, the software will stop the user from using it.

We suggest that Western practitioners introduce this powerful and simple tool for breaking the Internet blockade to Chinese people while clarifying the truth to them. This will give the people in China the opportunity to learn more about the truth.

The user's guide has step-by-step instructions and is suitable for both new and experienced users.

The download URL is:

Software http://media1.minghui.org/software/2004/08/16/ultrasurf62.zip (96KB)

User's guide (Chinese) http://media1.minghui.org/software/2004/08/16/ultrasurf6_userguide.zip