(Clearwisdom.net) After the annual United Nations Human Rights Conference this year, I read some fellow practitioners' articles. They stressed their understanding of "putting down the attachment to results."

I think there is more to this matter than just putting down the attachment to results. I think it is also a matter regarding how practitioners balance relationships with others.

In the past, practitioners would send righteous thoughts to influence situations. We then thought those things would develop in terms of our thoughts. When practitioners clarified the truth to some people in society, we just thought they should support us, however, the results have often been disappointing.

In "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Western U.S. Fa Conference", a practitioner asked and Teacher answered the following:

"Question: Through its mechanisms, Dafa ensures that the beings in the future won't develop attachments or selfishness even after they go through a very long period of time in the cosmos, and thus the cosmos will be perfect and harmonized and will never perish.

Teacher: No, that's not how it is, it's not the right understanding, and that's not the idea. Dafa is perfect and harmonized, and the fundamental nature of the cosmos is selfless. When a being cultivates and reaches that realm, that's how he'll become, too. The Fa has provided for all beings' existence, the Fa has created for all beings the mechanisms of the cosmos and the rich variety in the cosmos, and the Fa has created all beings, all the myriad things, heaven-and-earths, human beings, and divine beings. But how the beings conduct themselves is to a certain degree their own choice."

We are very attached to other people, and by having notions of what particular outcomes we would like to achieve, we position our choice as an immovable force. This is undoubtedly a strong attachment. Even if we mean well for others, we still cannot have such an attachment. If many of practitioners think this way and are very attached, the evil will just take advantage of such strong attachments. The evil will persecute all beings that we are attached to with the excuse of removing our attachments. It is Dafa practitioners' attachments that cause such things to happen in the human world and do not benefit the Fa-rectification process. If we hope that all beings have a wonderful future, we should strive to assimilate to Dafa even more. We should put down the attachments to other beings, emit our rays of righteous light, dissipate the evil and awaken them out of the slumber of confusion and into the light of truth.

My fellow practitioners, think about it: we should merely send righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil that is attempting to harm the Fa-rectification and poison sentient beings. We should merely clarify the truth to people and create more chances and conditions for beings to be saved. We should let them choose survival or elimination for themselves. Let them choose their own futures. All lives are in Teacher's hands. No one is able to threaten the cosmos.

I can see that we did not balance relationships with others well at the Human Rights Conference. We also struggled with the same issue during the lawsuit for bringing Jiang to justice. We didn't balance these things well when we sent righteous thoughts and clarified the truth. In many regards we acted very much like people in ordinary society.

I hope each of our fellow practitioners can calmly reflect on the Human Rights Conference and the lawsuit against Jiang and other attempts to clarify the truth. We should look within to see how many attachments we still have and balance our relationships with more wisdom.

Let's provide more opportunities for people to be saved. At the same time, we should allow people to make their own choices.