(Clearwisdom.net) On August 7 and 8, practitioners held several anti-torture exhibitions in Manhattan to clarify the truth to local residents and tourists. We participated in the activity at South Street Port and witnessed many touching stories.

The Anti-torture Exhibitions Deeply Touch Peoples' Hearts

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Anti-torture exhibition at the South Street Port

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Passersby shocked by the brutality of the persecution

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Kids viewing the posters

Because a number of activities, including a youth basketball tournament, were taking place at the South Street Port region, there were huge crowds of people. Most people who saw our anti-torture exhibition and heard the practitioners' introduction of the 5-year and still on-going persecution were shocked. They expressed their outrage over the Jiang regime's brutal persecution of Falun Gong and their sympathy and support to practitioners.

A gentleman said that he came from Romania, and Romanians also experienced brutal persecution in the past. However, it is over now, he believed that practitioners would regain their right to practice Falun Gong freely in the near future. A lady said that her husband still can't go back to Cuba for fear of persecution. She could understand the practitioners' difficult situation and expressed her wish that the persecution would end as soon as possible.

Kind-hearted People Extend Support to Practitioners

After viewing the anti-torture exhibition, many people asked the same question: How can we help you? When we invited them to sign a petition calling on the Chinese authorities to end this persecution immediately, several hundred people signed. The booth facing our exhibition belongs to a souvenir vendor named David. At the beginning, he was worried that our activity would disturb his business. After he learned of the persecution, he started to help us to distribute fliers. On the afternoon of August 8 (Sunday) when we were about to go back to Toronto, he shook our hands and wished us luck.

Practitioners' Enthusiastic Participation

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Practitioners in the anti-torture exhibition

Practitioners from Greater New York, Taiwan, Toronto and Montreal participated in the truth-clarifying event in South Street Port. Very naturally, we formed one body and helped each other to make the event successful. Some acted as real-life models, some distributed fliers, and others demonstrated the exercises. The result was very good. The real-life models stayed in the baking sun for several hours--it was a touching scene.

When we have many practitioners at one site, some can go to nearby streets to distribute fliers to reach more people.