I have been persecuted to the point of being destitute and homeless. In that period, I have done Dafa work for quite a long time, and fellow practitioners assist me with my day-to-day living. Right now, smaller Dafa material centers have blossomed as more and more practitioners are coming out to help. Therefore, I gradually developed the thought of finding a job. I happened to meet a person who asked me to come and work as his children's private tutor.

As a Dafa practitioner, wherever you go, you should clarify the truth. The family had two children. The older one, Xiao Jie (pseudonym), was a teenager while the younger one, Yuan Yuan (pseudonym), was under ten years old. I was responsible for tutoring Xiao Jie with her homework. Every night, during breaks while helping her with her homework, I would tell her about Dafa, and also gave her many truth-clarifying materials to look at.

Over time, Xiao Jie developed a desire to learn Dafa. I then guided her to follow Dafa's principles to become a good person. One day, I said to Xiao Jie, "Do your classmates know the truth about Dafa?" She replied that her classmates did not know, and that they think that Falun Gong's flyers are full of false information. When I asked Xiao Jie to write down two or three names of her classmates in each of her ten classes to mail truth-clarifying materials to them, Xiao Jie became excited and said, "Mail some to me too, so I can bring them for even more of my classmates to read." I was happy for her righteous thoughts, but I was also worried. When Xiao Jie saw my hesitation, she said, "Don't worry. You don't have to be worried for me." Unrighteous thoughts were eliminated, and firm righteous thoughts from my heart came out. No way would the evil be able to disrupt us. Mailing these truth-clarifying materials will definitely help to save these children.

In order to accommodate the traits of young students, we made a simple but comprehensive truth-clarifying packet, including colored pictures and a booklet for teenagers printed from Clearwisdom. In every envelope, we would also put in some nice bookmarks. Throughout the process, Xiao Jie gave many ideas to make the truth-clarifying materials to be more suitable for her classmates, and more complete, as well. In the end, two envelopes for each class were sent out. Afterwards, Xiao Jie received packages and brought them to school for her classmates to read. The colorful truth-clarifying materials easily attracted the students. Many students would gather around to read them. They were able to gain a good understanding of Dafa. One student said, "Wow! There are also so many people practicing Falun Gong overseas!" Some said that they often received Dafa materials, some said that their families kept many Dafa CDs in their homes that they never watched. Xiao Jie left a copy of the materials for her teacher, who also read the materials. In other classes that received the materials, there was a pretty big shock. After Xiao Jie came home, she happily told me everything that happened in school. She said, "In the future, when I have new classmates, we can clarify the truth to them too!"

Little Yuan Yuan is under ten years old. He is very interested in Dafa books. Whenever I am studying the Fa, he would always wander near me. He also wanted me to give him a copy of Zhuan Falun. At certain times, I would let him study the Fa together with me for a little while. After reading only about a dozen pages of Zhuan Falun, little Yuan Yuan already had a good understanding. Later, when slander against Dafa was broadcasted on television, he said that other than the words "Falun Gong" he did not understand anything else.

Because of the two children's parents, things like clarifying the truth to Xiao Jie and letting Yuan Yuan read the Fa, under Teacher's arrangements, were going well. The mother of the two children was already very understanding towards Dafa because of my clarifying the truth to her in the past. The father, however, was very stubborn. I gave him flyers and CDs but he would not look at them. Sometimes he would just totally ignore them. He had a sort of nonchalant and uncaring attitude towards Dafa. Many of his thoughts were obviously affected by the evil's propaganda. At the time I was distressed over his situation. How could I clarify the truth to him? Through my distress I developed an attachment to using human ways to solve problems, and I also developed an attachment to being afraid of difficulties. In the end, through continuous studying of Fa and improving, this tough situation resolved itself in time. I realized that while clarifying the truth, your heart should not be pursuing something that you might gain. As long as your heart is set on the Fa, the Fa will solve everything. The following is what happened.

In the period of time that I worked in his home as a tutor, I saw that the parents both had a lot of deviated notions that negatively affected their two innocent children. When Yuan Yuan fought with some fellow classmates, his parents did not educate him, but were skeptical about whether or not the teacher handled the situation fairly. Through continuous Fa study, and discussing the topic of educating children with fellow practitioners, I saw even more clearly these selfish notions and corrected them whenever they appeared in my own mind. At the same time, I would use righteous principles to educate the two children, and I persisted in studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts

One day, after finishing eating, in order to be responsible for the children, and even more to validate the Fa, I started to converse with the children's father about the problem of education. I did not want to change his way of thinking, so naturally my attachment of being afraid of difficulty had gone away. I analyzed for him the present status of the two children's mindsets. I told him that most children are much different from ones who practice Falun Dafa. Practitioners educate their children according to Teacher's principles. With righteous principles guiding them, they became better by themselves without any adult's advice. I told him a story about a fellow practitioner's child who is the same age as Yuan Yuan. Every day after waking up, he helps his mother make food. A slightly older child would help clear the table after eating dinner and wash the dishes. The parents don't have to worry about the child's studies whatsoever. He was always in the top of his class. If a guest came to their home, he would greet them right away. I also told the father about my own changes after practicing Dafa in my attitude towards studying, as I was also a student. He was very touched by my stories. Imperceptibly, this became a key point to clarify the truth. Then, he brought up many questions he had in his mind and I answered them one by one. Later, he said that what Dafa practitioners' were doing truly moves people. In the end, he still had some notions and doubts. I said to him, "Watch this truth-clarifying CD! It will answer your questions." He happily accepted it.

From this truth-clarifying experience, I learned that in order to do everything well, one must study the Fa well. Only then can you stay in the Fa, steadily advance on Teacher's arranged path, and be effective in truth clarification. Also, I realized even more that over a long time, as practitioners are systematically making truth-clarifying materials, there is a gap between Dafa work and the practical aspect of saving sentient beings. Our goal is to save even more sentient beings and not just be busy with making materials and CDs in quantities. In making truth-clarifying CDs and materials, we should be more thorough and consider how we can even more effectively break through the evil's deceit and people's notions. But we should not divorce ourselves from society and reality. At this point, fellow practitioners need to communicate more, discuss more, and give more feedback. Individuals must then fulfill themselves to substantiate ways to clarify the truth.

The above are just some thoughts from my experience, please point out and correct anything improper.