(Clearwisdom.net) The current of Fa-rectification manifested in other dimensions is shocking. We live in a maze. Sometimes the rampant manifestations of evil in this dimension confuse us, affecting numerous practitioners for one reason or another. If we are clear-headed about Fa principles and maintain strong righteous thoughts, we will not be confused.

Background of the Persecution

In July 1999, Jiang's group launched a fanatical persecution against Falun Gong. In late 2000, many people [in China] grew tired of the lies and propaganda. In a desperate effort to maintain the persecution, on January 23, 2001, Jiang's group staged the Tiananmen Self-immolation Incident, to frame Falun Gong, incite hatred and escalate the persecution.

The Tiananmen Self-immolation Incident deceived many people into opposing Falun Gong, but as the practitioners pointed out the discrepancies in the video, the self-immolation in turn exposed the Jiang group's vicious intent. After learning the truth about the incident, many people saw the malicious nature of Jiang' group.

Now, several years later, the evildoers are at the end of their ropes! The situation has changed for the better, as evidenced by Clearwisdom Net reports. Several practitioners in Mainland China took legal action against the perpetrators and the outcome was great. In some areas, truth-clarification materials can be widely seen, which would have been hard to imagine a few years ago.

During the peak of the SARS epidemic, the evil head ran around and lived in fear. On some Chinese-based, non-Dafa websites, many people recently have openly condemned Jiang for reasons other than the persecution, which shows Jiang has lost people's trust. Faced with this turn of events, Jiang is horrified and thinks he can avoid his disastrous end by desperately clinging to power, while at the same time continuing to manipulate the media to create the illusion that he is still strong, because he wants to deceive people.

Naturally, practitioners in different areas may have a different perception and understanding of the persecution. Although the persecution is still severe in some areas, the overall situation is far better than several years ago. The old forces have been eliminated, as Master tells us, and few evil elements in other dimensions are left. The old forces' dark minions are also being eliminated in large measure. According to Master, the evil in the human dimension is about to be destroyed. Sometimes the evil can only act fanatical in this dimension, to fake its power. In fact, in regions where the truth-clarification is not going well, the situation has to do with the practitioners' cultivation state.

On the Shooting Incident

On the evening of June 28, Zeng Qinghong, one of the core members of Jiang's group visited South Africa and Jiang's group hired a gunman to shoot Falun Gong practitioners. This is the most severe persecution incident abroad, but the reaction to this incident differs greatly from the Tiananmen Self-immolation Incident. Practitioners and non-practitioners alike recognized this as an export of state terrorism and stood up and condemned it. Much less evil is left and the environment abroad is different. From another perspective, the stupidity and madness of the evildoers provides a great opportunity to clarify the truth to foreign people and their governments.

I heard the shooting incident scared some new practitioners and practitioners who didn't study the Fa well, because they think the persecution has escalated abroad. In fact, Jiang's group would have made a grave mistake if they had planned to escalate the persecution. It is impossible to achieve this and will only speed up their own destruction. The more crimes they commit, the more they will reveal themselves. For any evil, being brought to light is also being eliminated, and this is why they are so afraid of being exposed and afraid of people learning the truth; they keep spreading lies.

Jiang' group has always tried to export the persecution abroad, ever since the persecution began. Jiang himself gave former president Clinton a pamphlet filled with Dafa-slandering propaganda; many Chinese embassies and consulates held Cultural Revolution-style criticizing conferences; the consular officials spread slander about Dafa abroad and interfered with the practitioners' activities by pressuring local governments; and spies were imported from China to monitor and harass practitioners. I read a summary article, which says a lot of the harassment took place before 2002.

The situation abroad has at present changed drastically. The lawsuits in progress, filed by overseas Falun Gong practitioners, are the results of evil influences in other dimensions being eliminated on a massive scale. Of course, before all evil is completely destroyed, Jiang's group will always try to take advantage of our shortcomings and do bad things. Jiang group's evil nature determines that. We cannot let down our guard.

This warrants the question, then: shouldn't we as practitioners also look inward? Why was the evil able to take advantage of our omissions? Right now, some foreign governments and people do not yet know in the least or do not know enough about the truth of Dafa, so overseas practitioners still need to clarify the truth in a more thorough and deeper manner. According to my knowledge, Jiang group's spies against Falun Gong in Australia are very active. Maybe it has something to do with the extent of truth-clarification and the practitioners' cultivation state as a whole. Fa-rectification has strict requirements for us, including that our minds must be purer and purer. Australian practitioners, perhaps, should try to look inward and find out the cause.

Master pointed out our shortcomings at the 2004 lectures in Chicago and Vienna, and in his greeting to the Montreal Fa conference. We should really pay attention to Master's words and do better.