Many practitioners in Beijing have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend a Falun Dafa class taught by Teacher Li Hongzhi himself. While attending the class, everyone had their bodies' purified and their minds cleansed. During the class, we heard many stories about Teacher. Some of the stories that were told seemed like fairy tales; however I came to realize that they are all true stories. We all realized how much Teacher had suffered and endured in order to save us. Our gratitude cannot be expressed with words. Our way of paying back Teacher is to strive ahead diligently so as to meet the standard of a Falun Dafa practitioner and to be compassionate towards others at all times.

1. In Search of a Genuine High Level Master

One such experience took place in 1992. There was an elderly lady who lived in Guan County of Shandong Province and who had practiced in some Taoist [1. Also known as "Dao," a Taoist term for "the Way of nature and the universe"] methods of cultivation, She wanted to follow a genuine high level master so as to be able to become a qigong [A form of traditional Chinese exercise which cultivates qi or "vital energy"] master someday. She went about everywhere looking for a master and when one-day someone introduced her to Mr. Li Hongzhi. She invited Teacher to give a Falun Dafa class.

Teacher was always frugal. After arriving, he changed hotels twice looking for a cheaper place to stay. He then asked whether he could stay in a student's home. The elderly lady invited Teacher to stay in her home since she had an extra room in her house.

She imagined a high level master to be a respectable elderly person, but she was surprised to find that Teacher Li was only about forty years old and looked as though he were only twenty. She couldn't help but have some doubts towards Teacher. She prepared several dishes for supper, including both meat and vegetable dishes. She thought: If he only ate the vegetables and not the meat, then he could indeed be a high level master. Otherwise he couldn't be one. She soon realized that this master had eaten everything. The elderly lady doubted Teacher even more now. Her heart sank.

After listening to the first lecture, the lady felt that the lecture given by Teacher was too profound. At end of the class, she said to Teacher: "Young man! Don't talk too high. There are always higher beings and there are higher dimensions! Higher beings are listening!" (Her celestial eye may have been opened.) Teacher didn't answer but just smiled.

When Teacher began to talk about the celestial eye in the second lecture of his Falun Dafa teaching, the elderly lady found the lecture even more profound. She thought: "It's no use even trying to say anything to him!" So she just kept quiet. After she had listened to all nine lectures, she thoroughly understood everything. She realized that she had been using side-path practices to judge Teacher and that Falun Dafa teaches people to cultivate one's mind or moral nature. The key to cultivation is to get rid of one's attachments, without any omission. She also came to realize that Teacher was indeed a genuine high-level master and that Falun Dafa was indeed a high-level cultivation practice.

2. Teacher Saves a High Level Cultivator

A woman attending the class held in Guan County had a daughter named Xiaolei. She was a pretty and kind-hearted child, but she had a low IQ. One day when the class ended, Xiaolei's mother let her say good-bye to Teacher. She said to Teacher, "My master is inside an ice lake." Nobody knew what the child was saying and thought that it was only silly talk from a child.

After the class had finished, Teacher went to visit Lingyan Temple with some other people accompanying him. Teacher made a certain motion on their ride to the temple when a Taoist cultivator, dressed in a purple robe and meditating, appeared by the roadside, with his long white hair flying in the wind. Xiaolei's mother thought he was there to greet them. Teacher said, "He is not here to greet us. I have saved Xiaolei's master. He isn't in an ice lake, but is inside an ice palace." People realized then that Xiaolei wasn't an ordinary child.

On their way home, Xiaolei told her mother, "Mama, mama, you are my treasure, mother."