(Clearwisdom.net) Based on our understanding of the Fa [universal principle, Falun Dafa teachings], we understand the fact that Teacher has all the sentient beings of the entire cosmos in his heart. With benevolent compassion, he wants to save all lives. For those beings who have chosen to be eliminated, and those people who have gone astray and helped the evil to persecute other practitioners, Teacher is still giving them chances to be saved. Thus we should call the people who are participating in the persecution and tell them the facts of the persecution, and hope that they can become clearheaded and stop what they are doing. Maybe they can even recover some of the losses they have caused.

When we have compassion in our hearts and think of saving sentient beings, a person's true self will feel the impact when they come into contact with us, no matter what format the contact is. In China, the police who have been arresting practitioners and the ex-practitioners who have been helping with the brainwashing are the villains who are directly persecuting Dafa and Dafa practitioners. They are being controlled by the evil. When we call them, some are calm, some are impulsive, some are silent, and some are afraid. No matter how short the conversation is, it seems there is always a process and meaning to it. Every phone call touches the goodness in the hearts of the people who have a predestinated relation with us, and people are awakening. The following are a few examples.

Mr. Liu, who works for the provincial government in Liaoning Province, answered my call. We talked for about half an hour. He listened to what I had to say without sounding aggressive or upset. However, he basically believed that it is illegal for any group to not agree with the government. I said many things regarding this deeply rooted notion of his. I asked him to think more on this. I believe the changes in people are subtle, and that is why we need to clarify the truth.

When a man from Changchun City's Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp answered the phone, I said, "I've heard Ms. Bai died from being persecuted because she practiced Falun Gong! She was such a talented and experienced teacher; her death is a great loss to the country. What law did she break by practicing Falun Gong?" The man seemed scared to hear that. He stuttered and claimed that he could not hear clearly. When I said I would repeat myself, he quickly hung up the phone.

Ms. Liu is a party secretary. She listened carefully as I sincerely spoke to her. I was sending forth righteous thoughts as I spoke, "Kind-hearted people, you have a chance to obtain the Fa. Do not make any mistakes and lose this opportunity. Practitioners are validating the Fa even when they are facing death. They do not give up, and they are establishing their mighty virtue. And you only become a club used by others. It is a sin to persecute good people. It is a greater sin to persecute practitioners." She listened quietly until I finished; she then put down the phone.

Calling people who are involved in the persecution is different from calling the general public. In the past, I worried that people might think I was strange. At the beginning, I preferred to have no one around when I made phone calls, even though my husband is also a practitioner. Then I realized I had the attachment of fear. I was afraid that the person at the other end would hang up on me or I could not convince people with my words. So I decided to change this situation.

I got into the habit of calling China whenever there was a need. After the call, I would ask my husband for his opinions and see what I could improve on. One time, I asked the person on the other end to wait a bit, and I asked my husband to talk with the person. As it turned out, our call had three different benefits. We successfully explained the facts of the persecution thus fulfilling our responsibility to Dafa, my husband changed his mind as he found out that it was a very rewarding experience to help others learn about Falun Dafa, and the effect was also very good for the person on the other end of the line.

We learned a lot from calling China. As a result, we cherished our opportunities and predestined relations of cultivation even more. We also realized that one of the major problems with those practitioners who have been forced to renounce their belief and stop practicing Falun Dafa is their attachment to time.

Mr. Wei carefully listened on the phone. He then told me that he started practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. He had spent two years in a forced labor camp. It was only in the last two years he had stopped practicing. Even now, he still believes what he believed in the beginning. But he said the environment was different and people had different lives. After he listened to the facts about the persecution, he told me that he understood. He also thanked me for my good intentions. I told him that Teacher is still waiting with great compassion. He said he would seriously reconsider it.

Many practitioners behaved very well in labor camps in the past, yet they were still forced to renounce their belief. It was because they could not see the end of the persecution, nor were they sure they could reach consummation. They stopped and gave up their belief. An ex-practitioner once asked me, "How much longer do I have to wait? A hundred years, a thousand years, or ten thousands years?" I said even it is ten million years, you still have to persist. A god will walk the path he has chosen no matter what! Thus, I understand why Teacher had talked about the issue of time on many past occasions. It was because that is the hardest test one must face, and it is the deepest attachment in one's heart.

Teacher is still giving us and all the sentient beings a chance. We should use it well to validate Fa. The thoughts and efforts we put in it are the foundations of our mighty virtue.