Wang Jinzhong

Wang Jinzhong, 48, was a very tall and strong man. He was also very sincere and kindhearted. On the afternoon of May 20, police from Xingshun Police Station took him away while he was at work. After torturing him, the police sent him to Tiexi Detention Center. On the afternoon of June 14, he was tortured to death. Afterwards, the police took his dead body to a hospital. The doctors confirmed that he was already dead even before he was taken to the hospital. On the same day of his death, his work unit, Zhongshan Park, had a meeting announcing to all employees that Wang had committed suicide. The leaders of his work unit also threatened employees not to visit his surviving family members. His colleagues were very indignant and all understood that he had been persecuted to death.

The authorities informed Wang's family of his death on the morning of June 15, but did not give any explanation for the cause of death.

Wang is survived by a pretty wife and an adorable daughter. How could he commit suicide? He often told others, "Teacher Li said suicide is also a crime and Dafa practitioners will never commit suicide." No one believed the lies told by the authorities.

The court, prosecutor's house and the police department should have performed an autopsy to find out the cause of death so as to give an explanation to Wang's family. However, no autopsy has been scheduled. Instead, they spread lies saying Wang committed suicide.

Wang Jinzhong's family phone number is 86-24-23856827.

Contact information of Wang's work unit:

Zhongshan Park Office Director Nie: 86-24-23864795

Party Secretary Wang: 86-24-23863551

Director Jiang: 86-24-23864329

Office: 86-24-23863025

Address: 3-1-432 Gongnongxiang, Shisiwei Road, Heping District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province