(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa Practitioner Diao Xihui is twenty-nine years old. He is from Chuanzhigou Village, Fengyi Town, Longkou City. His wife, Lu Yanna, is thirty-one years old. She is from Xilujia Village, Xiadingjia Town, Longkou City. They are both teachers.

Diao Xihui's father Diao Shusheng and mother Fu Guihua, Lu Yanna's grandfather Lu Jinxiang, grandmother Lu Shufen, aunts Lu Renying, Lu Renjuan and Lu Renju, her brother Lu Hengxiao, and four cousins from her aunts' families all practice Falun Gong. Lu Yanna's grandmother was sixty-two when she began practicing Falun Dafa. All of her illnesses such as high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis and cataracts were cured after practicing Falun Gong. The whole family practiced together happily.

Since Jiang's regime started the persecution against Falun Gong, Lu Yanna went to appeal for Falun Dafa in Beijing three times -- in July 1999, October 1999 and January 2000. The first time she appealed for justice for Falun Dafa, government staff members from Xiadingjia Town beat her. The previous two times, she was detained. The whole family was detained one after another. Over just one year from July 1999 to July 2000, the family was forced to pay over 30,000 Yuan in fines, deposits, detention center fees, and deducted salaries [500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China].

In October 1999, Lu Yanna went to appeal in Beijing and was sent back home by airplane. The vice-principal of her school, Wang Feng, did not allow her to resume teaching and terminated her salary. She was subjected to surveillance at the school for a long time, during which time she was not allowed to go home. Even her family was not allowed to visit her. In the summer of 2000, just twenty days after Ms. Lu was married to Diao Xihui, local practitioner Tian Xiangcui from Fengyi Town was tortured to death because she appealed for an end to the persecution. Fellow practitioners exposed the incident among the local residents by distributing written accounts of the whole incident. They also exposed it on Clearwisdom.net. Lu Yanna was suspected as being the person responsible for exposing the authorities crime, so her rented room and her parents' home were both ransacked. She was then taken to the public security bureau (possibly the Chengguan Division) and was interrogated and tortured. One young police officer punched her repeatedly while demanding that she disclose the source of the materials. Ma Shumei (female) furiously insulted her, grabbed her hair, forced her to the ground, and kicked her. Lu Yanna's face was badly injured and her glasses were missing. Ma Shumei's teenage son was doing his homework nearby as this happened.

The next evening, Ma Xiangyang, a thirty-year-old police officer who has beaten many practitioners, began to beat Lu Yanna. She was tortured until she became very weak. Ma Xiangyang then deceived her, claiming that they were about to send her home, but they instead sent her to the hospital to have an intravenous injection. Later they sent her back to her school where she was once again strictly monitored. They planned to sentence Ms. Lu to a labor camp term, but she managed to escape and became homeless with her husband Diao Xihui to avoid further persecution.

The perpetrators fiercely went after Lu Yanna. As a result, her second aunt Lu Renjuan and her cousin Liang Bin were also forced to leave home. The homes of Lu Yanna's senior aunt, youngest aunt and her parents were frequently ransacked. Her two aunts were detained and tortured numerous times. Her sick mother missed her daughter dearly but was unable to see her. Facing such a family tragedy, her grandfather and grandmother were traumatized and passed away one after another. Her senior aunt, Lu Renying, had her telephone line tapped. In 2001, her second aunt Lu Renjuan, who had been forced to leave home, made a phone call to Lu Renying. The police then arrested Lu Renying and interrogated her as to the whereabouts of Lu Renjuan. In 2001, Diao Xihui's parents were arrested and sent to a brainwashing class. Thus, Diao Xihui and Lu Yanna lost contact with their families.

After three years of moving from place to place, the couple finally settled down in Qianshan County, Anhui Province. During these several years, they persisted in clarifying the truth to people and telling them that Falun Dafa is good. Lu Yanna was pregnant then. Because they did not get a birth permit when they left home, the local hospital turned them away. However, because an emergency situation occurred during delivery of the baby, Qianshan Hospital took her in, considering that it was her first child. At 9:40 p.m. on March 29, 2004, their daughter Shanshan was born.

At around 3:00 a.m. on April 8, 2004, Diao Xihui went out to distribute truth-clarifying materials and never returned. He probably was arrested, but no one knows his whereabouts. Their baby was only ten days old and Lu Yanna had not completely recovered from giving birth. Realizing that she was in danger, she moved out to avoid further persecution. However, she still did not escape. Police from Longkou City found her and took her and her daughter back to Longkou City even though her daughter was not even one month old. After returning to Longkou City, she was only allowed to see her father Lu Renqiang at the Xiadingjia "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems]. On the second day, Lu Yanna's mother and senior aunt went to the "610 Office" to see her but no one paid attention to them. When they tried to phone, they were told that Lu Yanna was not there. At present, no one knows where Ms. Lu is.

Here we call on all kind-hearted people to help free Lu Yanna, her husband Diao Xihui, and their infant daughter!

Telephone numbers:

Director's office of Qianshan County Public Security Bureau, Anhui Province: 86-556-8935088
Political Committee Office: 86-556-8935098
Deputy Director's office: 86-556-8935078; 86-556-8935018
Meicheng Police Station: 86-556-8922942
Chengguan Police Station: 86-556-8921480

May 6, 2004