(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Yan Liyou, born in 1954, was originally from Laohekou City, Hubei Province. He was the former general manager of Huayi Industry Development Company in Hainan Province. When he was young, he was in a car accident and was paralyzed. Even though he spent lots of money to seek a cure, there was no effective treatment and he was confined to a wheelchair. At the end of 1998, he started practicing Falun Gong. Soon he was able to stand up and walk on his own. Even though he still walked with a limp, his health greatly improved. He could do all of the Dafa exercises. He donated his wheelchair and crutches to the community office.

On July 20, 1999, Jiang's regime started the persecution of Falun Gong. With his firm belief in Dafa, Yan Liyou went to appeal to the Hainan Provincial Government many times. He was later abducted by the police and detained in Haidian Detention Center for 15 days. After his release, he went to Beijing to appeal to the central government, requesting that the reputation of Dafa be restored and that all arrested Dafa practitioners be unconditionally released. In May 2000, he once again went to Beijing to appeal. In Tiananmen Square, he held a banner up high reading "Falun Dafa is Good" to validate Dafa. The Beijing police brutally beat him. Before he arrived in Tiananmen Square, he had painted "Firmly Cultivating Dafa with an Unmoved Heart" on his chest. After the police stopped beating him, he took off his shirt and asked the police to read the characters painted on his chest. The police tortured him for a week, but he remained determined. Seeing he was near death due to torture, the police drove him to a suburb of Beijing, dumped him there and drove away.

In June 2000, he made a banner reading "Falun Dafa is Good" and went to a park in Haikou City, Hainan Province to validate Dafa. He held the banner high and clarified the truth to people in the park. Not long after, many policemen surrounded him with guns in their hands. He still held the banner high and walked in front with the armed police following behind. The police sent him to Haidian Detention Center. He went on a hunger strike and was force-fed. He was tortured to the point where he was only skin and bones. Nineteen days into his hunger strike, the police sent him home.

In July 2000, he again decided to go to Beijing to appeal. However, he was captured at the pier by police who had been waiting there to arrest him. He was sent to his local police station, where he was handcuffed and hung up. One month later, he was sentenced to 2 years of forced labor. At the Hainan Province Men's Labor Camp, he kept on practicing the Dafa exercises. He was often beaten by police and criminals. Moreover, the police handcuffed him and hung him up for several days and nights in a row. After he was removed from the hanging position, his whole body was numb and he could not move at all. The police also instigated criminals to beat him. Criminals sometimes covered his head with clothing or a quilt and brutally beat him. In the winter, criminals poured cold water on his clothes. They even forced him to stay in a tank filled with freezing cold water to make him suffer. They force fed him human feces. Oftentimes he passed out or spit up blood during the torture sessions. He was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. After he regained consciousness, the police dragged him to the labor camp to torture him again. After one and a half years, he had wounds all over his body. Seeing he was near death, the labor camp released him on medical parole and asked his family to pick him up. After he returned home, he often spit up blood. If he ate something, he would throw it right back up. He was in a very poor health condition.

In January 2002, with unshakable determination and great compassion, he once again went to Beijing to validate Dafa. At that time, posters slandering Dafa were everywhere on the streets and alleys in Beijing. He felt very sad after seeing those posters, so he went around the city to remove the posters. He would take a short nap when he was too tired. Later he used up all the money he brought with him. He didn't have money to buy food, but he kept removing the posters and clarifying the truth. Several days later, he went to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa. He was brutally beaten by the police, but he refused to tell them his name and address. The police once used several electric batons to shock him simultaneously. He often passed out due to torture. He spit up blood, vomited, and suffered from cramps. He was sent to hospital for emergency treatment. He was devastated both physically and mentally.

Despite the torture, he held firm to his belief in Dafa. After nine months of torture, he was only skin and bones. He kept throwing up. Not until he was near death did the police release him.

At the end of September 2002, Yan Liyou returned home. He often spit up blood and threw up even if he did not eat anything. He was also sometimes dizzy and could not think clearly. On April 12, 2004, he passed away.

The above facts were told to me by Yan Liyou himself when he came to my home to visit me. He advised me to cherish Dafa and encouraged me to remain determined. When I learned of his death, my heart was filled with great sorrow. I wrote this article to expose the persecution of such a good practitioner.