(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Xu Weiwen has been imprisoned in the Banqiao Women's Labor Camp. After her sentenced term was up, she still wasn't released. Instead, she was sent to the Fourth Team of the Sixth Section for further violent brainwashing. Under the direct order from the team chief officer, Jiao Mohua, cellmates were divided into two groups. They took turns, with 3 or 4 hours shifts, in torturing Xu Weiwen both day and night. They used tape to seal Xu Weiwen's mouth for long periods of time, and tightly bound both of her hands and feet. They forced her to sit on a low stool without moving or sleeping for days and nights. Once she moved a bit, she would suffer brutal beatings. Due to the tortures she endured, Xu Weiwen's face was covered with severe bruises and her weight was sharply reduced; she looked emaciated.

As policewoman, Jiao Mohua, blockaded all news about Xu Weiwen, and only those cellmates and a few people who have given up Falun Gong were able to see her, the detailed information about the torture Xu Weiwen received is unknown. Only under very special circumstances, like in the shower room, could we learn a few horrifying facts about her from witnessing those bruises and cuts on her body. Some news about her came from those cellmates who had joined in torturing her. They often bragged about how they tortured her and enjoyed undertaking those inhuman acts. They brutally force fed her when Xu was on a hunger strike. They also forbade her from sleeping; even closing her eyes for one minute was disallowed.

Afterwards when Xu Weiwen was unable to bear such tortures and requested to eat food, so that she could recover from her very poor health situation, those cellmates under the instigation of the police, refused to give her any food. They told Xu, "How come whenever you refused to eat, you wouldn't eat, and whenever you wanted to eat, you can eat? This time even though you want to eat, we'll not let you eat!" In fact, Xu Weiwen died from forced starvation. Those drug addicted cellmates which participated in torturing her to death all obtained labor-camp term reductions due to their participation. But after they were released for less than a month, they were thrown back into the camp. Policewoman, Jiao Mohua, bears the direct responsibility for Xu Weiwen's death and will be unable to escape from the justice in the future.

Practitioner in China

April 21, 2004