On November 16, 2000, Ms. Jia Yiping, a Dafa practitioner from Houshi Town in Yanshi City, Henan Province, went to Beijing to validate Dafa together with another practitioner from the same village. A policeman beat her up for doing the exercises at Tiananmen Square. She was held in a detention center in a suburb of Beijing until officials from her hometown picked her up and confined her to the Yanshi Detention Center about November 20.

During their detention, Jia Yiping and her fellow practitioner's hands and feet were shackled because they continued to practice the Falun Dafa exercises. The policemen shackled their feet together so it was very difficult for them to move. They went on a hunger strike to protest and kept practicing the Falun Standing Stance, the only exercise they could do. A prison guard ordered Zhiqiang, one of the prisoners, to torture them. Zhiqiang forced them to bend at the waist so their heads touched their knees, made them hold their legs with their hands, and then shackled their hands to their feet. Only a very short chain linked their foot shackle to their handcuffs. They could not straighten their backs after this torturous treatment and could not relieve themselves without assistance nor could they go to sleep at night. They were in extreme pain.

When Political and Security Division Head Zhang Baomin of the Yanshi Police Department illegally brought them up for trial, he saw how they had been tortured but pretended he had not. They were released a couple days ahead of schedule because they kept up their hunger strike. While Jia Yiping was being detained, the head of Houshi Town Zhi Yuebin led others to break into her house and steal her motorcycle and bed.

Several days after Jia Yiping returned home she was tricked into attending the brainwashing session and then held in the detention center for a month. After she was released, the head of the town Zhi Yuebin sent her directly to the town hall. Two days later, Jia Yiping was sent to Yanshi City Detention Center for 15 days. She was illegally detained for a month in October 2003 for distributing truth-clarifying materials. They released her after extorting 300 yuan from her family. At the end of February 2004, she was abducted to a brainwashing program held at Hulin Mountain in Yanshi City and nobody has seen her since.

Police also seized Jia Yiping's mother and husband, who went to the brainwashing class to ask about her condition. Currently their whereabouts are unknown. The whole family has been persecuted to the breaking point just because they believe in "Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance." Her family members are sick at heart.

Mr. Guo Jianhui, another Dafa practitioner from Houshi Town in Yanshi City, went to Beijing to display a banner validating Dafa on November 20, 2000. He was apprehended and sent to the Luoyang government's liaison office in Beijing under the orders of Houshi Town director Zhao Zhende, the head of composite office Li Zhancai and the local village security guard Chen Hongdao. Director Zhao Zhende cursed and slapped him. Li Zhancai forced Jianhui to kneel, kicked him in the stomach, and cursed him profusely. After returning to Yanshi, they continued to persecute Jianhui in Huoshi Town.

They locked Jianhui in the town hall garage because it was still dark. Jianhui kept practicing the Falun Dafa exercises in the garage. After the sun came up, Zhi Yuibin encouraged others to force Jianhui to kneel. Zhi Yuobin seized him by his hair, struck his face, and cursed him. He also instructed the other people to tie Jianhui's hands behind his back with a thin rope and then lift him up. Somebody suggested using a car to send Jianhui to the police station, but Zhi Yuebin refused. He made Jianhui walk from the town hall to the police station. There were many pedestrians on the street at that time, and he intended to humiliate Jianhui in front of them. After Jianhui got to the police station, an officer shackled his hands behind his back and then to a railing from 8:00 am until dark. After they opened the shackle his left thumb was numb. Even now his thumb is numb in cold weather. The next day, November 24, he was sent to Yanshi City Detention Center

During the detention period, Zhi Yuebin and the others drove to Jianhui's parents' house in Luoyang City. In the beginning, they asked for 4000 yuan but only managed to extort 500 because his parents did not have any more money.

After 32 days in the detention center, Jianhui was again tricked into the brainwashing class by Zhi Yuebin. On December 26, Zhi Yuebin deceived Jianhui by telling him that he could study for a few days at the provincial study class being held at Jianhui's parents' house. Instead, he was sent to Wugulu Labor Camp in Luoyang. He only learned of his three-year labor camp sentence at the time when he filled in the administrative forms. His family did not receive any notification of his whereabouts at that time.

April 21, 2004