(Clearwisdom.net) Among my relatives is a modern and sophisticated young lady. On the first day attending Teacher's lecture series, she distinctly felt Falun turning in her palms and realized how magnificent Teacher is. Deep respect towards Teacher hence grew from her heart. When she asked Teacher to leave a message for her, Teacher wrote, "True Cultivation" and signed his name. When she learned that the sponsors were going to arrange for practitioners to have a picture taken with Teacher, she said, "I want to hold Teachers arm when we take the picture." Afterwards she told me, "When I stepped close to Teacher, all of my bad thoughts vanished somehow."

A retired government official began practicing Falun Gong in 1993 and his chronic heart disease subsequently disappeared. He was very excited for being able to see Teacher in person and listen to Teacher lecture on the Fa at the seminar. He hoped to have a picture taken with Teacher alone. Teacher fulfilled his wish and he obtained a picture of himself sitting side by side with Teacher. He later realized that Teacher is no ordinary person, and regretted that he had shown no respect to Teacher at that time. However, Teacher is extremely amiable and treats every practitioner with great kindness.

By attending Teacher's seminar, I learned how to be a good person. Since there were no books back then, it was very hard to reach a balance in the face of tribulations. Once my supervisor assigned me to work with someone with whom I had interpersonal conflicts. Should I obey my orders or should I ask him for another job? I did not know what to do. Then I heard that Teacher was going to spread the Fa in Harbin. I rushed there with my grandparents and my children hoping to learn the ways a cultivator should resolve problems. This was my second time attending Teacher's seminars.

My wounded heart again received comfort by seeing Teacher's compassionate expression and listening to Teacher's kind voice. Tears trickled down my face and I understood what I should do. I followed my supervisor's orders. After years of cooperation, our misunderstanding did not intensify but was reconciled because I simply had no desire for the things the other person wanted to achieve. Some people who were expecting to see a good fight felt it was strange, and others who saw him take advantage of me and play dirty tricks on me were outraged by the injustice. Nevertheless, I firmly kept in mind Teacher's words and maintained a serene attitude. Although I did not fight to gain profit, I did not lose anything that I was supposed to have either.

When Teacher was spreading the Fa in Harbin, over four thousand people attended the seminar, yet the entire auditorium could not be more peaceful and orderly. The ice rink was so big that many people were unable to see Teacher from afar. They sent numerous complaints to the staff. After hearing this, Teacher slowly walked around the rink and waved to the practitioners. Wherever Teacher went, practitioners all stood up and applauded. The atmosphere was solemn and warm, and many people were moved to tears.

In the seminar, sitting right next to me was a practitioner from Changchun City. Due to my great respect towards Teacher, I am also extremely attracted to Teacher's hometown. I always feel close to practitioners who are from the same town as Teacher. Therefore I made an effort to arrive in class early just to talk to her. I could not be more surprised when she told me she actually lives in the same neighborhood as Teacher. She said, "Teacher's family lives in poverty. The most valuable piece of furniture in the house is a 12-inch TV. Before Teacher began spreading the Fa, many people asked Teacher to treat their illnesses. Teacher never accepted money and sometimes even served fruit to visiting patients. A patient who was in the last stage of stomach cancer had not eaten anything for over half a month. He was dying and his family, after trying numerous treatments in vain, took him to see Teacher. Teacher used supernormal powers to treat his illness and he quickly revived. Teacher peeled a banana and passed it over to him, and he ate it just like that. His family was amazed and extremely grateful.

Since Teacher began spreading the Fa, only his wife and daughter were at home. Once, the apartment building where Teacher lived caught fire. Flames and thick smoke could be seen at every window except for Teacher's apartment. The firefighters hence went in from Teacher's window, connected the hose, and eventually stopped the fire. The only damage was the window frame, where few spots were worn by the heavy water hose. This incident spread throughout the neighborhood and people all say that deities protect Teacher's home."

Another practitioner told me her experience, "I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993. So I asked someone to beg Teacher to treat my illness. Teacher passed the word on to me to attend the seminar. However, I had poor enlightenment quality and saw no connection between attending the seminar and having my illness cured. My priority then was to be healed; therefore, I chose surgery and chemotherapy instead. After the operation, I was still in great pain, my body grew extremely weak and my tumor continued to develop. With no other choice, I decided to go to the seminar. After the seminar my body miraculously recovered. This is my second time attending the seminar. Can you tell that I had suffered from cancer?"

I examined her carefully and saw that her face was had healthy pink glow, her skin was smooth, her weight was just right, and her body was filled with energy. Her hair, however, was sparse and she told me it was caused by chemotherapy. She said, "I regret that I did not attend the seminar as Teacher told me to. I have gone through many needless hardships since then. You must remember that under any circumstances, you always have to believe in Teacher. Walk the path that Teacher has arranged for you and there will be no wrong."

When Teacher was spreading the Fa in China, I heard many practitioners close to Teacher say things like, "To be in time for the seminar, Teacher used divine powers to clear away the heavy traffic." "Under Teacher's guidance, people who suffered from paralysis of the legs were able to walk, and even jog, right on the spot. "Teacher lives a very simple life and wastes nothing," etc. However, I am unable to write about these incidents because I don't know the details. Therefore, I wish fellow practitioners who know the specifics could write them down to let new and veteran practitioners understand our Teacher more. In clarifying the truth to the world's people, we can also tell them of Teacher's virtue. In this way, we can break through the evil's lies with the facts.