(Clearwisdom.net) Majialong Forced Labor Camp is an evil den where Falun Gong practitioners are persecuted. It has many means of torture, and below are some examples.

Ms. Xia Cuilan, a former accountant of the Material Supply Bureau in Pengze County, was kidnapped to Majialong Labor Camp. The guards forced Ms. Xia to swear at Teacher and renounce her belief in Falun Dafa. Ms. Xia refused, and she was then cruelly tortured. The police guard forcibly handcuffed her and hung her up for four days and three nights, with only her toes touching the ground. During the daytime, her arms were hung up straight. During the night, her arms were lifted and tied up in a shape of a cross. Because of the torture, Ms. Xia's feet were severely swollen with blisters. She also had urine soaking her body because she was not allowed to use the bathroom. Such tortures were applied to most practitioners there, of all different ages up to over 60 years old. Sometimes, two or three practitioners were hung up on the same day. The hanging time also varied. There is a "Strictly Monitored Group" in the Majialong Labor Camp, where three drug addict inmates take turns viciously torturing practitioners there. After the police guard put Ms. Xia Cuilan in the "Strictly Monitored Group," the inmates forcibly pushed her head against the steel bed frame for one day and one night. They forced Ms. Xia into a position with only her toes touching the ground, so the majority of her body weight was added onto her head. This caused the top of Ms. Xia's head to cave in, with hardly any hair left. The inmates also forced her to push her head against the wall for one day and one night. After Ms. Xia left the "Strictly Monitored Group," the police guard pushed her onto the ground, and forced her to eat the dirty food on the ground.

Police guards in Majialong Labor Camp used more than 10 different methods to torture Ms. Ge Ling, another practitioner in Yongxiu County. They first hung her up, the same as what they did to Ms. Xia. The guards then ordered her to stand on the edge of a stool. After standing, she was forced to kneel down on the stool edges. This lasted more than five hours every time. As Ms. Ge was kneeling down there, the guard forcibly stuffed food into her mouth. When Ms. Ge refused and spat the food, the guard asked her to get down from the stool and eat the food off the ground. The guard also used a broom to sweep the food together, and forced Ms. Ge to grab the food on the floor with her hands and eat it. They also tied up Ms. Ge tightly with many thin ropes, and forced her to kneel on the ground in such a position that she was unable to straighten her back or bend down. They also tied her hand to the back of her neck, sometimes her left hand, and other times her right hand. In addition, they hung 4 wet bricks on Ms. Ge's neck (later increasing this to 6 bricks). The police guards beat and kicked Ms. Ge at will. Because of the beating, Ms. Ge's teeth came loose and her mouth was full of blood; but she was not allowed to spit it out. Ms. Ge was also not allowed to write and report these tortures to higher officials in the labor camp. After Ms. Ge was tortured for 14 days in the "Strictly Monitored Group," she could barely walk. The police guards still did not stop. They swore at her, asked her to clean the floor, fold the blankets (or quilts) into the regulation standard like soldiers do. They also asked her to climb up high to clean the windows and hanging fans.

The working assignments given by the labor camp officials were always overloaded. For several years, Ms. Ge had to work 17 hours a day to assemble light bulbs. This led her eyesight to decrease dramatically. Because of the fatigue caused by such intensive labor, Ms. Ge could only assemble the light bulbs by feel. A normal assignment is 0.6 kilogram per day, the assignment for her is 1. 5 kilogram per day, which even exceeded the work assignment given to drug addict inmates. (In fact, Falun Gong practitioners are normally given more assignments than others.) Still, the police guards said Ms. Ge should be given even more assignments.

Ms. Ge was previously detained in a solitary confinement room for nearly one year. And some practitioners were detained in the confinement room for more than one year. For a drug addict inmate, such punishment does not exceed 7 days. A person surnamed Wu once led several drug addict inmates to grab Ms. Ge by the head and bash it against the wall. They also kicked her and beat her up. In order to cover up the beating sound, they turned the radio volume to maximum. When Falun Gong practitioners were hung up, the guards made fun of them, and sang songs while watching them suffer. The drug addict inmates also used bed sheets to cover Ms. Ge's mouth and did not allow her to speak.

The police guards once forced a menstrual blood-soaked sanitary pad into the mouth of Ms. He, a practitioner from Jiujiang. When Fu Xiuzhen was using the toilet, a police guard burst in and forcibly dragged her off --simply because the guard wanted to use the toilet. Dafa practitioner Wu Yanping was stripped of all her clothes, even underwear. Ms. Jiang Xiaoying was a former nurse from the Fifth Hospital in Jiujiang City. When she was in the detention center, the police guards tortured her with a torture named "the bed at ease." This torture was very cruel. All of her limbs were tied up with only a hole in the bed for urination and defection. It was specially designed to torture Falun Gong practitioners. Moreover, Ms. Jiang Xiaoying was tortured under the burning sun in the summer. After she was transferred from the detention center to Majialong Labor Camp, Ms. Jiang Xiaoying was further persecuted. Because of the brutal torture for such a long time, together with threats and pressure, Ms. Jiang Xiaoying later suffered a mental collapse.

In the Majialong Labor Camp, visits by family members were monitored by police guards. When some practitioners told their family of the torture they had experienced, it led to even harsher persecution. After Ms. Ge Ling exposed the tortures she had experienced, the police guards instigated the drug addict inmates to not allow Ms. Ge to use the bath room. She had to endure with using the bathroom from noon till evening. Because of this, her bladder was in pain for several days.

Ms. Wei Anzhen is a practitioner from Ruichang. When Song Wengang was torturing her, he said that if she did not renounce her belief, she would be tortured until she weighed less than 40 kilograms [approximately 88 lbs] (Ms. Wei used to be more than 50 kilograms [110 lbs]). In the Majialong Labor Camp, it was very common for practitioners to lose 10 or 20 kilograms [20-40 lbs] because of the torture. Chen Xine is another practitioner in Ruichang. The police guard did not release her until she became extremely emaciated because of the torture. Song Wengang once told Ms. Xia Cuilan, "If I torture you to death, what can you do about it?"