Teacher tells us,

"Every person in the entire world was at one point part of my family, including the worst people, or else they'd have no chance to be a human being during this time. What happened in history is what they have gone through and what they chose for themselves. The most despicable are the old forces. They dare to massacre my people at will since they don't belong to them. What's held in Master's heart are all the people there are." ( Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference)

"When it comes to human beings you should be kind, and when it comes to the evil beings you should purge them. As far as those policemen, they weren't aware, and they were being controlled. If you don't handle it well, then when they treat you evilly they aren't rational, and you'll suffer losses while the conflicts intensify, so you should try to avoid the losses." (Explaining the Fa during the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference)

"I'm telling you, just treat all beings with compassion, and just clarify the facts to people with compassion, and you will be safeguarding Dafa's dignity, and you'll be able to safeguard Dafa's dignity." (Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference)

During this persecution, many policemen and neighborhood administrators have been playing the part of persecutor against Falun Dafa. When they show up to enforce some wrong instructions from their superiors, some of our fellow practitioners feel aggrieved because their legal rights have been violated. We have been influenced by the communist philosophy of class struggle, and although we refuse to do what they force us to do, we have an attachment to fighting or at least an inclination to disobey, which usually causes an unpleasant confrontation and gives the evil factors a pretext to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. In addition, it weakens our righteous thoughts.

In fact, every situation can be viewed positively or negatively. If we consider problems from the positive side, our positive mindset will move what happens in a good direction, especially when we utilize our powerful righteous thoughts. For example, if they come to harass us, we don't need think about how they are going to treat us, because we are dominant, and they don't have even a little bit of power to defeat us. We are not supposed to recognize the part that the old forces arranged for them to play. Since Teacher has told us to save people from the deceitful propaganda, whenever they show up in front of us it is a chance for them to be saved. They are not my enemies but my relatives, and are worth looking after. Actually their original, true natures are eager to hear the truth. Considering the problem this way, we are able to tell them the facts with a tolerant mindset.

Being indomitable and firm but gentle, with our compassion we can melt the evil factors that manipulate people, saving those that can be saved. That is a way to completely deny the old forces' intentions.

Below are stories that I heard in sharing experiences with my fellow practitioners. In these stories, the "I" does not mean only "me," because it represents our wisdom as a group.

Stories of Falun Gong Practitioners Clarifying the Truth to the Police and Neighborhood Administrators in China

7. "Let's go in plainclothes."

During the time of the congressional meetings, we were again called to the local police station. I showed them the material about how Ms. Chen Zixiu was tortured to death and explained the truth to them. I told them I wanted to appeal, and showed each cadre the truth-clarification materials. Finally, they agreed to refer the situation to higher authorities. They told us that if we wanted to appeal, that we should appeal at the local police station; if we wanted to hang banners, we should hang them around the local police station; and if we wanted to chat, we should chat with policemen. Upon hearing that, I showed them the truth-clarification materials, especially the material about Jiang's scandals. They were eager to read it and even snatched it from my hand. Meanwhile, we sent out truth-clarification materials everywhere.

They were under pressure and said they had to inspect my home. The manager did not want to bring me trouble, so he secretly suggested that the police wear plainclothes. Actually, I have seen their improvements, but I felt it was not enough and refused to let them inspect my home. I said: "I have things to do, I must go out." I did not want to co-operate with them. They asked me to go there at night, but I did not go then either. I told them I wanted to sleep.

One time they had to ask me to watch videos that slander Falun Gong. Policeman C purposely took a long time to play the video, and the manager became impatient and left. I took the opportunity to write a poem to express my firm faith in Falun Gong. I asked policeman C to give the manager my poem and a copy of Zhuan Falun. The manager accepted the poem but did not dare to take the book.

8. The manager did not say anything.

One time the police station manager asked me to go to the police station. While the police were on a lunch break, I hung two banners in their meeting room and office, then left. The manager knew that I had done it, so he quietly packed up the banners. Later, I told policemen A and C that I had hung the banners. They laughed and told me the manager didn't say anything about it. He knew that I had done it and kept the secret for me.

9. Turn danger into safety.

Before an "October 1" raid policeman C gave me a warning, so I immediately notified the Dafa material production site to move. We hid the printed materials and moved Teacher's articles and other materials elsewhere. When I arrived home, I locked myself in. I could not go out for two and a half days.

During that time I wrote a long letter "To all compatriots" in which I included the manager, the commissar, policemen A, B, C, and others. I wrote that I burst into tears for them. I started by introducing the principles of Falun Gong, "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," that teach us to be good people. About the persecution, I told them that good is rewarded with good and evil meets retribution. I said that I knew that it was against their will to follow Jiang on a dark path and bring disasters to their families. I said that I hope they can consider these things for themselves and their family members, and abandon their evil ways and become good. After I finished the letter, I handed it out through the door slot.

Soon, the police outside handed the letter to the manager. Later, I heard that the response was pretty good. Policeman C came to tell me that he had already asked the police outside to leave. He said he made a guarantee for me and talked to the manager. He checked to be sure that nobody else was around, and then told me, "(Another person) was reported for distributing the material. I will find a chance to release him. They also wanted to arrest (someone else) and asked us to guard the door. I saw her leave, but I pretended that I did not see her and let her go." Afterward, I met that fellow practitioner and confirmed that it did happen this way.

One time when the higher authorities wanted to send me to the brainwashing center, policeman C prevented it.

He told me he had seen a whole set of Teacher's lecture CDs and a large edition book in the police station. He really wanted them, but he could not take them. I gave him one set for encouragement. I also stored some Falun Gong books at his place so we could satisfy other people who wanted the book. Later, the policeman from my area also changed. I asked policeman C to give him a book. No matter how they meet me, they are coming to establish the predestined relationship with Dafa.

10. "This uniform is not fit to be worn."

A young policewoman came to the forced labor camp. I quickly found a chance to tell her the truth about Falun Gong before she was polluted by the lies. I told her that I had witnessed elderly female Falun Gong practitioners being beaten up at Tiananmen Square and that this was also reported on Clearwisdom.net. I told her about my personal experienced of being force-fed and about being cuffed behind the back and being forced to wear a "Tank Cap" [a torture method of putting a heavily weighted cap on practitioner's head] for a month in July. She sympathetically said, "I believe all you have said. In the past, I also did not think Falun Gong was like what the government says. The judicial and public security laws are the darkest. I only came for some experience, and will leave tomorrow." She also said, "I won't look for a police job, my family members all said that this uniform is not fit to be worn."

11. "So she can freely spread her belief."

I clarified the truth to the relatively kind police in the forced labor camp. Once, I saw that a young policewoman who was very naive had come to get some experience. I told her the experience of a fellow practitioner saying: "She is very talented and has relatives overseas. After the persecution of Falun Gong started, she could have gone overseas, but she felt that she was needed more in China. As a result she suffered a lot of torment."

That police officer sighed with emotion and said, "It is really great that the current society still has people like that who think so much for the good of the country. I hope she will still be able to go abroad, so she can freely spread her belief."

12. The power of the "letter of commendation."

My elder sister was still being brutally persecuted in the "dark den." I knew that if I wrote a letter to directly present the matter, the government officials wouldn't dare to accept it. So, I had to write with wisdom.

Instead, I wrote a "letter of commendation." I started by praising my local police and community cadres on how well they were performing their jobs. Then, I told them about the suffering my elder sister encountered in the "dark den," and pointed out the laws and policies that the police behaviors violated.

This letter quelled the evil and embraced the good. My elder sister also made an effort to tell the police about the truth. Finally, she walked out openly and aboveboard.

13. "Look at her, really keeps her word!"

An elderly lady from the residents' committee came to see me and asked me to make the blackboard newspaper for her. I thought this could correct the warped mentalities of modern people, so I instantly agreed. I told her that I had an important job to do the next day but that I would work overtime to finish it tonight. I promised her that I would come the next day for sure. I gave her a composition and asked her to make the rough draft. She was very happy and left.

The next day, I successfully helped my partner to sign a favorable contract with our owner. The owner wanted to invite us to a top grade seafood restaurant, but I said I had other important things to do.

I went to see the lady that night and told her about the dinner. She was very touched. She had finished the newspaper according to what I had told her the day before, so I spent the whole night telling her the truth about Falun Gong. When she heard about the persecution we suffered in the forced labor camp, she resentfully censured the police. She also told me about the hardships she had encountered and asked me the reasons. I answered each of her questions according to my understanding of Falun Gong's principles. I believed and felt relaxed. I encouraged her saying, "Good people will be rewarded!"

Later, another cadre came to the resident's committee. As soon as she walked in, the lady said to her, "Look at her, she gave up a banquet dinner and voluntarily came to publish the newspaper for us. She really keeps her word!"

14. "I apologize to you. You won't blame me for not knowing this, will you?"

There is one policeman who dislikes the political struggle in China, and therefore never wants to be the instructor. But after he saw Falun Gong practitioners remaining steadfast for several years, he wanted to know more about it, and he applied to be the instructor. Because he had no experience but still had to perform the job, he just read the several lies fabricated by Jiang's regime. When we heard this, we all clarified the truth to him. We said, "If what the government says were true, we would already be transformed."

He then quickly said after listening, "Sorry! I apologize to you. You won't blame me for not knowing this, will you?" Since then, this policeman no longer says bad things about Falun Gong or instructs "Falun Gong." He also looks after us.

(to be continued)

Part 1: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2004/3/3/45692.html