One day a police station in Jilin Province was holding an urgent meeting when a middle-aged woman came in with a bag in her hands. She approached the policeman on duty and told him she needed to see the director immediately. The policeman said, "We're having an urgent meeting right now." The woman replied, "My business is even more urgent! I must see the director." The policeman had no choice but to get the director. Other policemen did not know what happened, so they all followed the director outside.

The director asked her, "What's up? What is so urgent?" The woman replied, "I am a Falun Gong practitioner. I'm here to save all of you. You have been deceived by the lies and have done many wrong things out of ignorance, which is very bad for you and your family members. Is there anything more urgent than understanding the truth and stopping the evil?" She then handed the big bag of truth-clarification materials to the policemen and left. When she walked past the police station gate and looked back, she saw the policemen were all eagerly trying to grab the truth-clarification materials to read them.