(Clearwisdom.net) I was deeply moved after reading an overseas practitioner's article "Only after putting down ourselves will we be able to do Dafa work with a pure mind" on Minghui. I was in tears throughout the reading, feeling that that fellow practitioner was communicating to me from his/her heart. Such an interaction within the soul is completely indescribable.

As was described in that fellow practitioner's article, I had become a bit indifferent to so many articles exposing the evil persecution myself, too, and often paid more attention to experience-sharing articles by fellow practitioners. However, I was deeply touched by the above-mentioned article, in which the enlightenment of the fellow practitioner greatly inspired me to upgrade my own cultivation level. I realized that there had been a big gap in my understanding of the articles to expose the persecution. Meanwhile, I gained deeper understanding of another article "Expose the Evil Happening Locally to the Local People," on which Teacher once made important comment.

In the past, every time I read about Wang Lixuan and her son's being persecuted to death in truth-clarifying material, I shed tears because I was so sad. This time, as I read how that fellow practitioner, reorganized the Wang Lixuan and her son's case in factual accounts about the persecution, I cried again, but it was not only because I was sad but also for the great holiness my soul had perceived in the mother and son's deeds of sacrificing everything and validating Dafa with their own lives. In them I really see "the disciples' magnificence" Teacher mentioned. Indeed, little Meng Hao once followed his mother to defend the Fa in Beijing five times (three times in mother's womb). Though his life was short, it was a life in the Fa, which has created for him a magnificent and glorious life.

Furthermore, Dafa disciple Liu Chengjun validated the Fa with his life. He once said: "My life exists for the Fa-rectification. If I can meet Teacher some day, I will tell Teacher with no regret that I have done my best in the Fa-rectification." We are Dafa disciples in Mainland China too, but dare we tell Teacher the same: Have we done our best in the Fa-rectification? If every one of us can make such a promise, will the evil exist any longer? The impact of this kindness in my soul let me see my own gap and attachments.

I am full of deep appreciation for those fellow practitioners who selflessly contribute to and conscientiously work for Minghui, and am deeply moved by their selfless benevolence and grand tolerance to fellow practitioners. Compared with them, how did I do? Now, my usual "good feeling" about myself has completely disappeared. Fellow practitioner's word sound again and again in my ears: "put down your attachment to self, eliminate the selfish heart, keep a pure state of mind, then can we do Dafa work well..."

Whenever I read fellow practitioners' articles on Minghui, I am able to find my own gaps in cultivation through comparison. I feel that the fellow practitioners are urging me to improve and achieve further advancement in cultivation. Thank-you to all fellow practitioners of Minghui, who have been undertaking the heavy duty to timely send us Teacher's new articles and lectures and the fellow practitioners' cultivation experience sharing and other information for years. Moreover I must send thanks to our great Teacher, who taught us the Dafa and guards us in every step on the way from the ordinary human to the enlightened beings and is waiting for the fulfillment of our own duties in the Fa-rectification cultivation. Let's make our every step well together on the path of validating the Fa and save the sentient beings Teacher has arranged for us.