(Clearwisdom.net) A strange thing happened during the 2001 harvest season in a small village in northern Tangshan, Hebei Province.

After harvesting their own wheat, one family decided to burn the roots. They were very careful since they were afraid that other families' wheat might be set on fire and watched its progress closely.

Suddenly a whirlwind came down close to the area where the wheat had not yet been harvested. The whirlwind fueled the flames and burned several acres of wheat. Amazingly, the wheat acreage next to this family was safe while the wheat field further away was burned.

Peasants who were at the scene all said the incident was strange. Why was the land closest to the fire not affected while the crops further away were burned?

Local Dafa disciples solved the puzzle. In the summer of 2000 persons from the local county government instructed the police station to detain several Dafa disciples. The chief county official told the policemen not to provide food for Dafa disciples, or at most provide them with thin porridge.

The daughter in-law of one of the families whose wheat was spared during the burning incident happened to be the cook for the police station at that time. She was quite sympathetic to the Dafa disciples and knew that they were all good people. Surreptitiously, she always gave food to Dafa disciples when the officials from the county weren't paying attention. Whenever she had an opportunity, she put more rice in the porridge to make it thicker.

Family members of Dafa disciples always brought some food when they visited their loved ones. The officials from the county either confiscated the food or threw it away. After this particular daughter in-law found out about this, she hid the food brought by Dafa disciples' family members before the officials could see it. Then she would find an opportunity to distribute the food to Dafa disciples.

Her behavior has brought her good fortune - not only to herself but also to her family. She did not have a child after being married for many years and had consulted many doctors, to no avail. After the summer of that year she got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. This is truly a good reward for her kind treatment of Dafa disciples.

March 6, 2004