(Clearwisdom.net) In mid-January 2004, Falun Dafa practitioner Zhang Zhong, while serving a 12-year prison term in Daqing, was tortured by police team leader Li and prison guard Tian Xifeng. For over a month Mr. Zhang could not hold down any food, vomiting and spitting out blood. His life is in serious condition.

Authorities at the prison refused to release Mr. Zhang, neither did they send him to a hospital for treatment, or allow any relatives to see him. The prison guards told his family, "Just wait. If he dies we will allow you to come." According to reliable sources inside the prison, at that time the authorities were working hard to coerce Mr. Zhang to sign a statement that would release them from responsibility should he be tortured to death.

Recently, the Longan Police Station of Longfeng District, Daqing, frequently called to harass the families of practitioners and systematically searched practitioners' homes. A large number of banners supporting Falun Dafa had recently appeared in the area, and the authorities were trying to discover the "organizers," by investigating handwriting styles and searching shops selling yellow cloth.

The police stations of Chengfengzhuang, the Sixth Oil Factory, Babai, and Ranghu Roads, are also actively arresting Falun Dafa practitioners or harassing them via telephone calls. They also spy on practitioners by tailing them and tapping their phones.

In the morning of February 8, 2004, the Third Oil Factory Police Station illegally and forcefully arrested practitioner Cai Xiaoyan, dragging her by the hair and throwing her into the police van.

On the morning of February 12, 2004, a gang of people led by Zhu Jiwen, Party Secretary of the Installation Division of the Communication Company affiliated with Daqing Oil Administration Bureau, illegally arrested Dafa practitioner Pan Yifeng at work and sent him to a brainwashing class, without providing any reason for the arrest.

During the Chinese New Year, the Daqing Forced Labor Camp and the Suihua Forced Labor Camp planned to intensify the persecution of the imprisoned Falun Dafa practitioners. They moved Hu Hongji, Liu Fubin, Guo Fadong, Ma Zhihong and some other steadfast practitioners to the Suihua Labor Camp. There used to be ten practitioners imprisoned in the Second Team of the Daqing Labor Camp, now there are three.

The Daqing branch of the National Security Bureau has actively persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners since 1999. Today, after learning the truth from practitioners, many police stations are no longer supporting the illegal persecution. However, members of the National Security Bureau are still actively tracking Dafa practitioners' whereabouts, by tapping their phone calls, hacking into their computers, stealing mail and other illegal means.

Between May and August, 2003, Dafa practitioners Wang Kemin and Zuo Guoqing were persecuted to death.

The following telephone numbers are of those who have committed crimes in persecuting Falun Dafa:

Mayor's hotline: 86-459-12345

Wang Zhibing, the party's General Secretary of Daqing: 86-459-6186779, 86-459-4671779, 86-13304590777 (mobile)

Zhang Zhengti, Director of Yongjun Police Station: 86-459-6105400 (office), 86-13091669911 (mobile)
Yao Hongtao, Deputy Director of Yongjun Police Station: 86-459-6105122 (office),

Former Director Xiao Yong of Yongjun Police Station (he has transferred to Youyi Police Station): 86-459-5814278 (office), 86-13009838998 (mobile), 86-459-6286099 (home)

Third Oil Factory Party Secretary: 86-459-5858136 (office)
Director of Third Oil Factory: 86-459-5860033 (office)

Ying Chenli, Director of Daqing Forced Labor Camp: 86-459-4326808 (office), 86-459-6369698 (home), 86-13329390528 (mobile)
Wang Yongxiang, Deputy Director of Daqing Labor Camp who is responsible for Falun Gong affairs: 86-459-4680996 (office), 86-459-4631816 (home), 86-13194599933 (mobile)
Han Qingshan, responsible for torturing Dafa practitioners to death: 86-459-4326508 (office), 86-459-6366790 (home)
Zhang Mingzhu, responsible for torturing Falun Dafa practitioners Lu binsheng and He Huajiang to death: 86-459-4326955 (office), 86-459-6364838 (home)
Wang Yingzhou: Deputy Director of the First Team of Daqing Labor Camp: 86-459-6371804 (office), 86-13199061348 (mobile)

Jin Anping, Party Secretary of the Communication Company affiliated with Daqing Oil Administration Bureau (company where Falun Dafa practitioner Pan Yifeng works): 86-459-5381188 (office), 86-459-5989888 (home), 86-13009818985 (mobile)
Guo Shuchang, Manager of the company: 86-459-5381068 (office), 86-459-5989558 (home), 86-13009819688 (mobile)
Zhu Jiwen, Party Secretary of Installation Division: 86-13329477666 (mobile)

Lin Shaojun, Director of the National Security Bureau of Daqing: 86-459-6364109
Party Secretary of the National Security Bureau of Daqing: 86-459-6181233
Discipline Office: 86-459-6181230
Director of Political Department: 86-459-6181231