Today at Times Square on Broadway, we reenacted the torture suffered by Falun Gong practitioners in China. As it was getting dark, five buses pulled up, to the side of the road. We went to talk with the drivers and asked them to distribute our flyers to their passengers. They all happily consented. When I ran up to one of the buses, the door was already closed so we waved our hands at the driver. He opened the door and took our material.

Across the road is a movie theater called the Cadillac Winter Garden. After the show was over, an huge crowd of people walked out. A person who looked like a teacher was chaperoning about a dozen middle-school-aged kids. As they entered a waiting vehicle, we gave the teacher a few flyers saying, "Read this aloud to everybody, please." He smiled in agreement.

There were also a couple of times when the passing New Yorkers voluntarily acted as guides, explaining to friends and colleagues the situation of the persecution of Falun Gong. After a while, we could hear that they were pronouncing the words "Falun Gong" correctly.

In our visitor's book, Aaron Sudovsky signed and wrote, "Chinese Communist Party: Quickly stop! Your lies and deceit cannot prevent God from freeing the Chinese civilians."

A tourist from Rome wrote, "I cannot believe that these things are still happening in 2004. I think the whole world needs to know about what is happening in China. Other than terrorism, everybody should have the freedom to do whatever they would like and believe in whatever they would like."

A tourist from Quebec, Canada wrote, "I urge you guys to continue your hard work, to give your peace, compassion, and concern to those in China that are in need."

A New Yorker wrote on a drug store receipt, "Our world is in danger, not because of those evil-doing persons, but because of those who look on apathetically."

New York resident Jessica Henry optimistically wrote, "I hope that you can persevere. You need to know that Jiang has limited time to destroy your will. Because God is merciful and will stand by your side, in the end you will be triumphant."