(Clearwisdom.net) On March 15, 2003, over ten policemen from the National Protection Mobile Detective Squad of the First Division of the Harbin City Public Security Bureau arrived at Falun Dafa practitioner Li Guanghou's home. They illegally searched the home, damaging or stealing many of Mr. Li's personal belongings in the process. They arrested Mr. Li and everyone else in his family.

Li Guanghou is fifty-one years old. Police officer Mao, Fan Jiayuan and several others police officers brutally tortured Mr. Li. They hung him upside down for four days while pouring cold water on him. They shocked him with electric batons while forcing Mr. Li to sit on a metal chair for long periods of time.

Later, Li Guanghou was illegally sentenced to five years in prison and was sent to Hulan Prison in Heilongjiang Province. The inhumane torture continued. The policemen and guards at the prison didn't allow Mr. Li to sleep for over twenty days. Together with the criminal inmates, they took turns beating him up, trying to break his will and force him to renounce Falun Dafa. When they didn't achieve their goal, they imposed even more brutal torture on Li Guanghou.

They forced Mr. Li to lie down on his stomach. One policeman held his head down while two others sat on his back. The police who sat at the front then pulled Mr. Li's arms up behind his back and suddenly pushed them straight forward, up past his head and then down towards the floor. The sound of bones and joints cracking and breaking could be heard. Then they grabbed his hands and turned his wrists inward. Soon Mr. Li was unable to move his arms at all. When he could no longer stand the torture and lost consciousness, they would wait for him to wake up in order to continue.

The torture went on for several months. Eventually, Li Guanghou went on a hunger strike for seven days and soon was on the verge of death. Seeing that Mr. Li might die, the police stopped torturing him.

Mr. Li's skin and muscles were ulcerated from the electric shocks and they still haven't healed. He is very weak currently. The police and guards at the prison haven't allowed his family to visit him. They have confined Mr. Li to a cell, where they monitor him closely and still force him to work.

Li Guanghou has remained determined in practicing Falun Dafa for these past two years, even in the face of the brutal torture.