(Clearwisdom.net) On November 30, 2004, Mr. Wang Jinbo's family went to Changchun's Chaoyanggou Labor Camp to meet the director and request that Wang Jinbo be allowed to return home for medical treatment. Since the director had not returned from visiting Hong Kong, they went to the deputy director Liu Yu and told him why they had come. The deputy director said he had just transferred to this labor camp and did not know much about the case, so he asked the Team Four leader, Yu Tie, to come.

When Liu Yu asked Yu Tie about Wang Jinbo's physical condition, Yu Tie replied that it was normal. Wang's family asked Yu Tie: "On November 18, several results from the medical check-up at the labor camp hospital were not normal, so how come you are saying that he is normal?" Yu Tie replied that they had been misinformed. He said that Wang Jinbo's legs were fine, but that he refused to walk. Wang's family then asked him: "So you are saying that he is pretending?" Yu Tie still argued that it was not that serious. The deputy director, Liu Yu, said that the conditions had not been met for Wang to be released from the labor camp. He said that only if a person had an infectious disease could he get out. Wang's family mentioned that a local practitioner named Tian Junlong had died just several days after being released from the labor camp. They asked: "Do you mean only in that kind of situation will you release people? You are taking people's lives so casually and you release people only when they are about to die." The two men did not answer. Wang's family went on to ask what they planned to do with Wang Jinbo's case. The deputy director replied that since the director was not available until December 4, they would have to come back then.

Later, someone requested Liu Yu to go to a meeting and he made use of this chance to leave. Wang's family went to visit Wang Jinbo, and found that he was very depressed, and his lips were blistered. He looked totally different from how he had looked before November 23. After they asked him the reason, he said: "Now my health is getting worse and I can't take any food, but the team leader Yu Tie said that I was on a hunger strike."

Another practitioner named Liu Wen was diagnosed as having tuberculosis. When his family came to see him, he was wearing a mask over his mouth. His family asked for his release, but Yu Tie said that his symptoms were not serious enough and that after seeing Mr. Liu's medical reports, his supervisor would not approve of his release. On November 24, Liu Wen went on a hunger strike to protest and was force-fed. When his family came to see the leaders of the labor camp, they were stopped outside by security guards who told them that the director was not available. Later, two guards from Team Four came to intimidate the family, forcing them to go home.

The phone number of the Team Four of the Changchun Chaoyanggou Labor Camp: 86-431-4835680 ext. 8032 (Team Four Leader Yu Tie)

The doctor of Changchun Chaoyanggao Labor Camp, Li Fei: 86-13514402204 (cell)
The Director's Office: 86-431-4835680 ext. 8001, 86-431-4835680 ext. 8002.
Postcode: 130031

Chengqu People's Procuratorial Bureau of Changchun City:

Intake Office: 86-431-4666751 ext. 3108
Investigation Section: 86-431-4666751 ext. 3418
Investigation Office located at Chaoyanggou Labor Camp: Gao Jiqing, Liu Hongying: 86-431-4835080 ext. 607