(Clearwisdom.net) From July 16 to July 23, 1993, Master Li gave a series of Falun Dafa lectures in Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province. I was fortunate enough to attend the class. During those days, many touching episodes occurred. Here, I would like to share some of them with you.

I became very emotional when I saw Master in the class. Although I had never practiced qigong before, I made up my mind that I must learn this practice. My mood at that time was hard to describe in words.

During the class periods, we were told that Master had just taught a class in another city and originally planned to go back to Changchun City, Jilin Province (his hometown). However, the Chinese Qigong Science and Research Association decided to have a qigong conference in Qiqihar city at that time and they invited Master to come with them since they all knew that Falun Gong was great. Master Li gave up his vacation days and arrived at Qiqihar. Since this class had not been scheduled in the initial plan and the schedule of a class in Beijing had already been finalized, the class in Qiqihar could only be held for seven days. Master said: "Before I came to Qiqihar, I sent a lot of Faluns to seek those who have predestined relationship with Dafa. Everyone has come here because of predestined relationships. Therefore everyone should especially treasure this opportunity."

At the end of the first day of the lecture, it started to rain suddenly. Since no one had brought any umbrellas or raincoats, we all took shelter from the rain at the entrance of the building. The scene was quite chaotic. At that time Master walked out. At the sight of Master, we all quieted down. Master looked up at the sky with a smile and said to everyone: "The rain will stop in a moment. Don't worry. You may go home now." Soon the rain lessened and then stopped. A practitioner called a taxi and wanted Master to have a ride back to his lodging. However, Master insisted on not taking the taxi and told the practitioner, "Please don't bother. It is very kind of you, I know. But there is no need to waste money." Master then walked back to his lodging alone.

The seven-day class ended very quickly. Master needed to hurry back to Beijing on the same night that our class had finished, in order to conduct the next lecture series. Practitioners rushed to the railway station to see Master off. When another practitioner and I saw Master, he gently said: "It is so late now. How come you still came in the rain?" Then he stretched out his hand and shook hands with us. We were so moved. Immediately, Master told a disciple next to him to buy platform tickets for us. Actually, we could get in and out of the station without any platform tickets by presenting our IDs since both of us wore police uniforms at that time. We knew that Master charged the lowest fees for his classes and must have incurred a lot of expenses when he traveled nationwide giving lectures. Yet, Master spent his own money to buy us tickets. We felt very uneasy about this. However, we realized deeply that Master was teaching us how to be a practitioner, how to achieve the standard of a practitioner. Master was setting an example for us with his own deeds all the time. I remember that Master told us at that time: "You are still young. You must practice Dafa well to the end. Right now you may not know how precious Dafa is. But you will know in two to three years."

The train arrived at the station. Only then we found out that Master, and those disciples who traveled around the country with him, carried many Dafa books and materials. Wherever Master gave lectures, he brought those books and materials with him. The book bags were very heavy even for young disciples like us. However, Master and the disciples who traveled with him carried those books and materials everywhere nationwide to spread Dafa all year round. We could only imagine how hard it was during the process.

The train was slowly departing. Master continuously waved to us. Watching the train leaving, my heart was stirred for a very long time.