(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Zhang Ping is a Falun Gong practitioner from Hu County, Shaanxi Province. On October 2, 2002, he was abducted by a group of police officers from the Political Security Section of the Hu County Police Department.

The next day, officers Fan Hede, Yan Diou, Xu Tao, Zhou Dangpu, Yan Jilong, and others started torturing Zhang Ping using various torture methods. One of the methods is nicknamed "Killer Rope." With this torture, they twisted both of Zhang's arms to his back and tied them tightly with a rope. They then lifted his arms as high as possible and inserted the back of a chair in the space between his arms and his back. One person then stepped on the chair to secure it, while stretching both of Zhang's arms. Another person then stretched his legs. Xu Tao told Zhang Ping, "Your arms will be paralyzed if we tie you up this way for long. Will you say you want to give up your belief now?"

Zhang Ping firmly refused to give up his belief. As a result, the police applied the "Killer Rope" torture on him six times during the four days of his arrest. The torture left Zhang's arms black and purple, and in extreme pain. For the following 40 days his hands could not hold any object, and two months later there were still indentations on his arms. Now, two years later, Zhang Ping's right hand still feels very numb. While in detention, Zhang Ping once told the police that he would sue them. However, Yan Jilong replied, "Where can you find a place to sue us? Who would listen to you?"