(Clearwisdom.net) In 2002 when I was making Falun Dafa truth-clarifying materials with another practitioner Yu Lixin, police in Jilin City abducted us. I was illegally sentenced to three years, while Yu Lixin was given a five-year sentence. She was later persecuted to death in Heizuizi Women Prison in Changchun City, Jilin Province. The following pictures are practitioner reenactments based on descriptions provided by those involved.

On May 29, 2001, Jilin City No. 1 Detention Center sent Yu Lixin and me to prison. My first experience at the prison was a policeman rushing right up in front of my face, grabbing me, throwing dirt at me constantly, and beating me with his hands and feet. The director of the detention center, Dong Ping, and police officer Xing Shuping were both there at the time, but neither of them stopped him. On the way to the prison, Yu Lixin and I were put in conjoined handcuffs and fetters so that we could not straighten our backs. In the detention center, this instrument of torture was used on us many times. It is very complicated to change or take off your clothes with this device in place, and it is extremely difficult to go to the restroom. The pain involved is hard to put into words.

Reenactment Fig. 1 Conjoined handcuffs and fetters

Reenactment Fig. 2

Reenactment Fig. 3

In Heizuizi Women Prison, we refused to obey all the requirements imposed on criminals, like pinning our name cards onto our clothes or wearing the uniforms given to criminals. In the prison we continued a hunger strike that we had begun in the detention center. So the prison staff enlisted a criminal inmate to tie us to a death penalty bed, pull our arms above our heads and bind them to the rails. After two or three hours of this torture, I suffered extreme pain in my arms and back and also developed a fever. I did not close my eyes for 24 hours (see Fig. 4).

Reenactment Fig. 4

Reenactment Fig. 5. The Tool Used to Open Mouth When Forcefeeding

The prying tool for barbarous force-feeding

Reenactment Fig. 6

In January 2003, the prison assigned criminal inmates Yin Yuqin and Xu Na to monitor me individually. Of the two, Yin Yuqin was more ruthless and vicious to practitioners. She was generally acknowledged by guards to be very skilled in dealing with practitioners. She threatened to "transform" me within one month. She abused and beat me at her discretion.

When I needed to go to the restroom, I had to ask them first since my hands and feet were bound tightly. But they brushed aside my requests. I had to ask them more than ten times or even several dozen times. When Yin Yuqin mixed food for force-feeding with a mixer, she added salt, even excrement, urine, or sputum to it. She placed a napkin, tape or swab over my mouth whenever I called for help (see fig 7, fig 8). None their tortures made me yield to their demands.

Reenactment Fig 7 and 8: Adding more salt, excrement, urine, or sputum to food when force-feeding

I was illegally detained in Heizuizi Prison for three years. For over 600 days I was bound to the death penalty bed for barbarous force-feeding. I finally walked out of the prison at 1 p.m. on November 21, 2003.

Mailing address: (Changchun City Heizuizi) Jilin Province Women Prison, P.O. Box 1048, Zip code: 130000.

Partial list of phone numbers of Heizuizi Women Prison in Changchun City:

Prison phone: 86-431-5375089
Prison hospital: 86-431-5375084, 86-431-5375008
Director of the prison Xu Guangsheng: 86-431-5375001
Deputy director of the prison Gao Mingya: 86-431-5375002
Deputy director of the prison Wang Jie: 86-431-5375003
Deputy director of the prison Wu Zeyun: 86-431-5375004
Secretary of the Communist Party in the prison Zhao Xijun: 86-431-5375005
Deputy chief of Administration Section Li Jian 86-431-5375007
Deputy chief of criminal law execution section Tang Yajuan: 86-431-5375010
Office chief of the prison Wang Jinghua: 86-431-5375038
Interview room of the prison: 86-431-5375036
Office of No. 1 section: 86-431-5375020
Office of No. 2 section: 86-431-5375021
Office of No. 3 section: 86-431-5375022
Office of No. 4 section: 86-431-5375023
Office of No. 5 section: 86-431-5375024
Office of No. 6 section: 86-431-5375032
Office of No. 7 section: 86-431-5375026
Office of No. 8 section: 86-431-5375027
Office of No. 9 section: 86-431-5375028
Office of No. 10 section: 86-431-5375029
Office of No. 11 section: 86-431-5375030
Office of No. 12 section: 86-431-5375031
Office of No. 13 section: 86-431-5375033