(Clearwisdom.net) The Beijing Prison Management Bureau encourages and rewards prison personnel for applying forced brainwashing to unlawfully detained Falun Gong practitioners. Along with other personnel, the prison's deputy warden Zhou Ying and its third unit head Tian Fengqing continuously applied savage tortures trying to force Ms. Dong Cui to give up her firm belief in Falun Dafa. On March 19, 2003, at 5:24 p.m. the 28-year-old health care doctor was tortured to death. (Clearwisdom.net has previously reported this incident.)

Schedule of monetary rewards provided by the Beijing Prison Management Bureau to prison personnel who forcefully brainwash Falun Gong practitioners:

1st Merit Citation: 3000 yuan
2nd Merit Citation: 2000 yuan
3rd Merit Citation: 1000 yuan
Bureau Reward: 500 yuan

Group tour of Hainan for more than 100 personnel;

Furthermore, an extra reward of 2000 yuan (later increased to 2500 yuan) will be given to any staff member who forces a Falun Gong practitioner to give up cultivation practice and betray his or her conscience.

From time to time the bureau's "anti-cult" division's deputy head Zhu Guanghua would fill out forms to evaluate the detained Falun Gong practitioners. This then put pressure on the prison personnel by telling them to forcefully brainwash the practitioners. Whenever evaluation time came around, prison workers Zhou Ying and Tian Fengqing would falsify the records by modifying the forms with razor blades or erasers or would fill out extra copies in order to meet the expected "conversion rate."

Beijing Prison Management Bureau's deputy chief Gao Jiangou arranged for three prisons (the men's prison, the women's prison, and the minors' disciplinary prison) to compete among themselves, transferring dedicated practitioners to other prisons to more efficiently brainwash them.

Ms. Dong Cui, a Physician, Is Tortured to Death at Beijing Women's Prison

On March 11, 2003, Ms. Dong Cui, MD, formerly with the Shunyi District Hospital for Women and Children's Health, was illegally detained in the third unit (now renamed the tenth unit) of the Beijing Women's Prison. At the instigation of deputy warden Zhou Ying and the third unit director Tian Fengqing, collaborators (1) Li Xiaobing and Li Xiaomei repeatedly harassed and tortured Ms. Dong Cui.

On March 18, 2003, Li Xiaomei reported to Unit Director Tian that Ms. Dong refused to be "transformed" and needed to be punished. Director Tian Fengqing instructed prison guard Xi Xuehui to beat her. Then they locked Ms. Dong up in the back of the shower room in the prison dorm to avoid drawing attention to the brutal beating they were giving Ms. Dong Cui.

When Ms. Dong became too weak to call out for help, prison guard Xi pushed open the door and came in to announce "almost enough now," but the prisoner who helped torment Ms. Dong said, "Not yet--we're going to take this to another level." The speaker was Jin Hongwei, a former Falun Gong student who gave up after July 20, 1999, and was put behind bars for theft. So they continued to torture Ms. Dong even more aggressively until she was nearly dead.

Then prison guard Xi and the others carried Ms. Dong to the clinic. When the doctor said she was near death, they immediately rushed her to an outside hospital to seek better help. They did everything possible to falsify the evidence of their guilt, such as lying on the witness statements, showing reports of nonexistent treatment, and preventing the family members from seeing the original forensic report or medical records. Despite all these ploys, the bruises and marks on the body were strong enough evidence.

After her death, her mother immediately went to the prison. Seeing her daughter's dead body full of bruises, her mother was devastated. Dong Cui's bloody body had many areas of broken skin, and her right shoulder blade protruded from the flesh.

After this incident, police guard Xi Xuehui as well as the unit director Tian Fengqing were transferred separately to other departments. But Zhou Ying still remains as the deputy warden.

Related but prior to this atrocity, another Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Yuan Lin, an administrative staff member of Beijing University, was beaten until she lost the ability to hear out of one ear during her unlawful detention at the Beijing Women's Prison. Guard Chen Jing together with Li Xiaobing and others, again at the instigation of Zhou Ying and Tian Fengqing, were responsible for this brutal abuse.

Perpetrators and Their Telephone Numbers:

Zhou Ying: Female, 41 years old, Beijing Women's Prison Deputy Warden. 86-13701383101 (cell); 86-10-60276688 Ext 803 (office)

Tian Fengqing: Female, 45 years old; Former director of the third unit of the Beijing Women's Prison. She is now deputy director of the administrative department. Her phone number: 86-13520877187 (Cell)

Zhu Guanghua: Male, 31 years old, Beijing Prison Management Bureau, deputy head of the Anti-Cult Division. 86-10-83580634.


(1) Collaborators: former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture.