(Clearwisdom.net) The persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in Mengyin County, Shandong Province, has been relentless. Two practitioners have been persecuted to death; approximately 120 practitioners have been illegally sentenced to terms in forced labor camps; thousands of practitioners have been illegally detained, tortured and fined huge sums of money; and many practitioners have lost their jobs, had their salaries withheld, their homes illegally searched and their property confiscated. Some practitioners have been forced to leave their homes and become homeless in order to avoid persecution. The persecution of practitioners, carried out in secrecy, continues to this day.

Out of jealousy and fear, Jiang has overridden the constitution and the law. His dictated persecution of human rights and illegal crackdown on Falun Gong is the greatest tragedy.

1) Aging Wang Fucheng in Shock After Torment by Corrupt Police and "610" Agents

Wang Fucheng is a 60-year-old farmer from Dongyu Village in Mengyin Town, Mengyin County. He was illegally jailed for a month because he went to Beijing in 1999 to appeal for the just treatment of Falun Gong. In addition, the Mengyin county government extorted 5,000 yuan from him. Afterwards, government personnel periodically searched Wang Fucheng's home without a permit. Every time they found any Falun Dafa material, they would rummage through the whole house and threaten to arrest Wang Fucheng.

Wang Fucheng was forced to leave his house for two years--having a home he could not return to and a wife and children he could not take care of. At the beginning of 2004, Wang was illegally abducted and beaten with electric batons by policemen and "610" agents at the Chapeng Police Station. Wang went into shock and was sent to Mengyin County Hospital for emergency treatment. Afterwards he was secretly imprisoned.

After Wang Fucheng was arrested, "610" agents went to his home that night, kidnapped his son and detained him for more than 20 days. They also demanded an additional 5,000 yuan from the family.

2) Sun Peijin Tortured and Sentenced to Five Years, His Wife Forced to Leave Home

Sun Peijin and Yu Zaihua are a farming couple from Donglai Village in Mengyin Town, Mengyin County. Before practicing Falun Gong, one or the other always suffered stomachaches, chronic headaches, or back pain. After they began practicing Falun Gong, all their symptoms disappeared without treatment. In early 2000, Yu Zaihua went to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Falun Gong and was arrested. She was detained in the Mengyin Detention Center for one month. During that time, Mengyin Town's deputy secretary Gong Pibao (currently the director of the Housing Exchange Office) and Second Police District Chief Zhang Zhijian searched their home and confiscated a water bucket, a color TV, and other valuables from their store. Afterwards the couple was detained at the Chapeng Village "610 Office", where they were deprived of sleep for more than 20 days and beaten by Yang Ming, Jiang Huaizhong, and Wang Xin (then working for the Mengyin Town government, but now a member of Mengyin County's "610 Office").

One night during their detention, then Secretary of the Politics and Law Commission Li Zhiye (currently head of Yinan County's Organizing Committee), along with a section chief of police (last name Liu, about 60 years old), ordered a young assistant to drink alcohol and beat Yu Zaihua. Blood came out of her mouth and nose, and her head swelled alarmingly. The swelling took two weeks to recede. Li Zhiye and then Chief of the "610 Office" Yan Cheng (currently the chief of the Tourist Bureau) denied that her condition was caused by the beating, claiming it was due to lack of sunlight while in detention.

After Sun Peijin and Yu Zaihua were released, officials from the town government and police station frequently came to harass them at home. Sometimes they wanted to send the couple to the brainwashing class, other times they threatened to send them to labor camps. One night around 11:00 p.m., Pi Gongbao brought some people and broke into Sun's home. They asked him where his wife was, since she wasn't home at the time. When Sun told them he didn't know, they threatened to beat him, so Sun led them to Yu Zaihua's parents' home in Tanjiazhaozi Village. Since they still couldn't find her, they beat Sun Peijin near Beihuan Street.

In December 2001, Zhang Zhijian brought five people with him to Sun Peijin's home to arrest the couple. The couple was forced to leave their home. Early in 2003, Sun Peijin was arrested and tortured, then secretly sentenced to five years in prison. He is currently being held in Weifang Prison.

Early in 2004, Yu Zaihua was also abducted and beaten by "610" agents Lei Yancheng, Fang Simin, and Wang Xin. Wang Xin shocked her with an electric baton and savagely tortured her, resulting in the paralysis of her lower limbs and the loss of her ability to care for herself. After about 50 days, the "610" Office allowed her to be taken home, but only after they had forced her to write a guarantee letter to her boss and family, promising to give up practicing Falun Gong.

After Yu Zaihua got home, the prosecutor and the town government always sent people to harass her. Claiming that they cared about her and just wanted to check her condition, they actually wanted to see if her legs had healed so they could take her back for sentencing.

In July 2004, the prosecutor searched Yu Zaihua's home without a permit. They found several copies of Zhuan Falun and threatened to take Yu away. Still not completely recovered from her injuries, Yu was forced to flee her home, leaving behind her in-laws, both over 70, and her 10-year-old daughter.

3) Xue Yijun Kidnapped, Blackmailed, and Sent to Labor Camp

Xue Yijun is 35 years old. He lives in Zhao Gu Village in Mengyin Town. Before he practiced Falun Dafa he was both a thief and a robber and infamous in the Mengyin area for his crimes. After he began practicing Falun Dafa he realized the meaning of life and understood that he should not embrace evil. He completely broke away from his bad habits, chose a path of cultivation and started being a good person. Falun Dafa completely and truly changed him. Everyone who knows Xue Yijun will agree.

When Falun Dafa started to be persecuted for no reason, Xue Yijun, as a direct beneficiary, helped make Falun Dafa truth clarification material in order to let people know the facts. The beginning of 2004, Xue Yijun and his wife were abducted. Agents from the "610 Office" said they were looking for material and recklessly searched Xue's home. They tore down the east-facing wall and destroyed the ceiling. Things were thrown everywhere, just like in the movies.

They even threatened and tricked Xue Yijun's two children in order to obtain information. After they kidnapped the couple, "610" agents stayed at their home for 24 hours. Xue Yijun was tortured while in their custody. Wang Xin shocked him with electric batons until he couldn't eat. They told the outside world that Xue was on a hunger strike, creating an excuse for further persecution.

Around April or May of 2004, Xue Yijun was sentenced to three years in a labor camp. His wife was given permission to return home after they extorted 6,000 yuan from her. The van that belonged to the couple is still in the possession of the "610 Office."

4) Wang Hong Illegally Sent to Labor Camp, Leaving Her Aging Mother and Young Child Behind

Wang Hong is a female practitioner in her 30's who used to work as a party propaganda and education committee member for the Changlu town government. She was fired after she went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. In 2004, Wang signed a contract with the Changlu own government for a rotation job at a private company. In late April, officials at the Changlu town government suddenly requested her to come back to work. They required her to work during the day and stay overnight in Changlu, unless she would write a guarantee letter and pay a safety deposit of 10,000 yuan. At the same time, Changlu town and the county "610 Office" searched Wang Hong's home but couldn't find anything. Then Changlu town's vice secretary Su Wanhai took his assistants to the company where Wang Hong worked and abducted her to the county's "610 Office." The Changlu government officials told the outside world that they wanted Wang Hong to come back to work but she refused, and they sent her to the county "610 Office."

After Wang Hong was detained, policemen and "610" agents searched the company where she worked and found nothing. Wang Hong was sentenced to three years in a labor camp in May of 2004, leaving her 70-year-old mother and her 7-year-old son behind.

5) Retired Staff Worker Gong Pijian Sent to Labor Camp Twice, Then Kidnapped by "610" Employees

Gong Pijian is a retired staff worker of Mengyin County's Bureau of Food. Because he practiced Falun Dafa he was sent to labor camp twice. He was also handcuffed to the "Death Bed">Death Bed" for half a month, where his four limbs were pulled in different directions. After being subjected to this torture, he was unable to take care of himself.

In the beginning of August 2004, Gong was kidnapped again. "610" agents opened the door of Gong Pijian's home and searched the storage room downstairs, without a permit and in the absence of any family witness. They pillaged whatever they wanted and left the home a complete mess. Gong is now in the county's "610" Office."