(Clearwisdom.net) Jail Administration Bureau Head, Zhu, and Deputy Head Yu Guangsheng, publicly announced that a Psychological Correction Center (ward) has been established. Their plan was to use a cruel torture known as the "Fixed-Bed" to continue to persecute Dafa practitioners who are currently detained in solitary confinements that are no longer to be used. Jilin Jail Political Commissar, Liu Changjiang, Education Section Head Tan Fuhua, Prison Affairs Section Head Liu Wei, and Education Section Officer Li Yongsheng are the main officials responsible for conducting this new round of persecution. They were taking turns escorting Dafa practitioners into the new Psychological Correction Center.

The "Fixed-Bed" torture is conducted in 3 steps:

Step 1: Person's four limbs are bound to the 4 corners of the hard bed;

Step 2: Once limbs are bound to the bed, the body is lifted high in the air and is stretched in all four directions, causing severe pain;

Step 3: After the body is lifted and stretched, a rolled up quilt is forced under the body to hold the stretching position. The body is then continuously stretched in four directions and then the body is pressed down to cause the maximum pain.

They transferred practitioners Liu Zhaojian and Zhang Wen to the Correction Center from the Restricted Team. Liu Zhaojian had become emaciated because of the hunger strike and he was constantly spitting out blood. Practitioners Zhang Chunyu and Wang Juncheng were already restrained and stretched on the "Fixed-Bed." The police tried to force practitioner Zhang Chunyu to rewrite the "four statements,"* but were not successful. Those policemen utilized regular prisoners to persecute Dafa practitioners by granting them "points"** as rewards for such acts of theirs. They saw that some of the practitioners could endure being stretched on the "Fixed-Bed." Thus the authorities raised their bodies further up in the air, packed more quilts under their backs, and then they pressed down harder on the practitioners' bodies. Wu Yifeng has now been detained in the Restricted Team for over two months. Just because he didn't write the "four statements," renouncing his practice of Falun Gong, he was brutally beaten by policeman Yang Guang of the 3rd team and was then sent to the Restricted Team where he currently is being detained. Directed by the head of the Restricted Team, prisoners Xu Zhigang and Gao Yulin brutally stretched Wu Yifeng's arms and legs on the "Fixed-Bed" and caused his skin to tear, but they couldn't make him write a word to renounce his belief in Dafa.

The acts of torture described above were implemented by Li Yongsheng, and were at the direct orders from jail heads, Liu and Tan. Liu and Tan claimed that they established the Psychological Correction Center and had invited psychology specialists and council members of the psychological association. All of this was done to defraud the society and to cover up the truth that they are persecuting Falun Gong.

Zheng Weidong is being tortured on the "Fixed-Bed" in solitary confinement for approximately 3 months and also beaten every day. Jail head, Lin, of the 5th team is one of the major persecutors; his behavior is the most brutal.

*Statements to show that they are willing to renounce their belief and give up the practice.

**The prisoners can accumulate the points to get their term reduced.